Actiontec or Zyxel gateway/modem, and that both units are powered on. To customize your Wi-Fi extender network name and password, follow these steps: Launch your web browser of choice (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox, or Google Chrome) Type the following into the address bar: By default, your Wi-Fi extender will have the same network name (SSID) and password as your Actiontec gateway. 2. The WiFi Network Extender WCB3000N, MoCA or Ethernet-based Wireless Network Extender extends a homeowner’s Wi-Fi network to an area of the home where wireless coverage was previously weak, such as a dead zone in the 2nd floor bedroom or 1st floor family room. The default username is "admin" without the quotes. I assume the FiOS installer used the default admin/password set up, or admin/password1. I try admin/and the serial number with both case sensitive and not on the PW. 3. The largest list of Actiontec Passwords on the internet. About the Actiontec Wireless Network Extender. Log in to your Actiontec or Zyxel gateway/modem by entering into the address bar of your Internet browser. @#$%^ Actiontec router even show up in WinXP's Device Manager? There are 2 ways to do this: Find the Serial Number on the back of the Actiontec extender and note the last 4 digits. Actiontec Passwords (valid as of October 2019) This is a complete list of user names and passwords for Actiontec routers. Log in to the Actiontec wireless extender to set up in-home Wi-Fi or to change your Wi-Fi password or wireless settings. !e IP address of your WCB3000N should be displayed on the main or Home page of the Actiontec and on the Status page of the Zyxel. The default password is "password" without the quotes. Why doesn't the ! All forms get rejected. Using a wired Ethernet or MoCA connection and offering dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios, the WCB3000N offers the best performance … Find the log in address for your extender.