Ladies and gentlemen, it’s tournament time. He could drop Logan in a volcano (provided Wolverine were subdued or unconscious for the trip) or throw him in from afar. 2. It was kind of unlucky that his opponent’s weapon was made of a material that disabled his abilities right off the bat. I love Gambit, but I'm not going to say "Gambit, duh!" One of the best things about the Dragon Ball franchise is the different types of energy blasts every single character is able to generate by concentrating their respective energies, with the Kamehameha from Goku becoming a cult classic among the fans. In fact, he was created as an answer to the question: What if Superman was black? While she has no weakness I can specifically reference by name, Captain Marvel does have a bit of a devil-may-care reputation that has led to her indulge in conflict without much judgment or preparation, which could be considered a side effect to her immodest levels of power. Superman has taken on many adversaries, and even a colleague or two, in the DC Universe that have proven challenging for the otherwise unstoppable Kryptonian, but, more often than not, he manages to top his competition. They're usually vulnerable to something, and Superman’s weakness is so famous there is an early 2000s alternative rock song about it. In the words of our expert from Vs Battles: “Iron Man almost always loses quite easily to the Hulk, and the Hulk has grown far more powerful over the years. Take advantage of the community's knowledge and ask questions before posting about who you think would win. RELATED: Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Wolverine Can Defeat (And 5 He Can’t). No matter how much the latter jukes and jives, he’ll get caught — when on the astral plane, Strange can travel at the speed of thought. Superman will not have to deal with a God but he'll have to face someone who has already surpassed that level. ok first off antimatter collides with matter and makes energy......Superman and Blue Marvel would not be a curb stomp of anyone. The Hulk would have trouble catching Quicksilver, and Quicksilver would have trouble damaging The Hulk. However, with the exception of those who cheat with Kryptonite and, of course, his fatal duel with Doomsday, most of his victors have one method in common: psychological manipulation. All they are trying to do is slowly bring back SA superman and I see it, they just make him stronger and stronger while marvel actually makes their characters believable and not ridiculous. She can fly at supersonic speeds, lift up to 50 tons, emit devastating photon blasts, manipulate the molecular structure of other beings and reform matter, and is also immune to everything from bullets to deadly contaminants. 3 Superman: Strength Indeed, Marvel’s version of Superman, Hyperion, is about as close to Clark Kent's carbon copy as you can get, which begs the question - which one would win in a fight? Even in this most final stage of the tournament, Strange would comfortably win without any need to use the Eye of Agamotto. But Strange is capable of handling beings with strength and speed on a universal scale. A one-stop shop for all things video games. NEXT: 5 Reasons Why Superman Returns Is The Definitive Modern Superman Film (& 5 Why It’s Man Of Steel). Throughout most (albeit not all) of his history, Clark has been extremely averse to using lethal force, believing there’s usually a better way. Stark does have a knack for preparation, too. This puts supes post crysis and pre flashpoint eras. Our Vs Battles community admin has pointed out that Blue Marvel could potentially call his cosmic entity son for help, in which case Strange might be in trouble. Either pre or post Flashpoint Superman is faster,stronger,more durable,and more skilled. How could this be possible? Winner: Superman. Mark Ruffalo Is Playing Ryan Reynolds’s Dad In New Movie, But It Totally Makes Sense, The Expanse Is Ending At Amazon, But There Is Good News, Regal Theaters Has Thoughts About Wonder Woman 1984's Upcoming Release, Enter For A Chance To Win $15000 To Build Your Dream Home Theater, 10 Great Sci-Fi Movies Available On Plex Right Now, Would Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh Appear In The Flash Movie? Vision could even increase his density and battle Korg punch-for-punch, but that’s far from the path of least resistance. Thwipping her ankle, he could take away her centre of gravity and tie her up in a rubbery spider’s web that frustratingly yields to her strength. @muaddib_jacarutu: So, you're showing me that you've read the rules...............................ok, good job. By reducing his molecular density right before emitting the blast, rendering him physically vulnerable to her attack. With the Hulk and Quicksilver, we’d have a long, drawn-out battle. Help make threads fun again, drop a knowledge bomb and go cold turkey on the "name wins" posts. Last I checked. What allows them to win? You merely adopted the lag. Don't be stubborn and egotistical. Speaking of which, Captain Marvel’s ability to consume energy means that any attacks that would prove damaging to another being would actually be of great benefit to her, such as allowing her to create a photo blast strong enough to take down an entire space ship, as she demonstrated gloriously in Avengers: Endgame. Oh you want him to lift infinity in the form of a book, go for it. In doing so, he unlocks all his capabilities which means his reflexes become unthinkably good. By David Harth Oct 15, 2020. Superior power? But Blue Marvel is so physically and mentally powerful that including him is almost cheating. Or the literal Man of Adamantium? if Superman wants to land a punch on Goku, chances are, he has already dodged it and is currently halfway through his counter attack, There's no denying the kind of strength Superman has, 5 Reasons Why Superman Returns Is The Definitive Modern Superman Film (& 5 Why It’s Man Of Steel), My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Powers That Would Suit Mina More Than Acid, Higurashi: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability, Dragon Ball: Every Wish Made Using Earth's Dragon Balls (In Chronological Order), 15 Things Konohamaru Can Do That Naruto Can’t, The Promised Neverland: 10 Things You Need To Know About Norman, Attack On Titan: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Levi & Eren's Relationship, Death Metal: The Multiverse Who Laughs Offers Twists Takes on Familiar Favorites, Dune: The Graphic Novel Book 1 Is an Accessible, Faithful Adaptation, Marvel's Indigenous Voices Shines an Overdue Spotlight, Review: Post Americana #1 Is a Bloody Tour of the Post-Apocalyptic USA, Review: Haunted Houses Go Punk Rock in Home Sick Pilots #1, U.S. Some versions of him have been more powerful than others, but he would be the heavyweight champ. Considering that doesn't have much to do with the Superman in this thread, which by the battle forum rules makes this Pre-52/Post-Crisis doesn't really apply here.....Since the Superman of this thread technically would beat the younger Blue Marvel. Share Share Tweet Email. And in such a comfortable fashion that something tells us that if he had 14,000,605 attempts at it, he’d win most of them. The adversaries may start off by rocketing toward each with pinpoint accuracy at supersonic speeds, being sure to cease their flight path before causing a collision that would prove cataclysmic to the entire planet, before engaging in some classic hand-to-hand combat, which Captain Marvel has the upper hand in due to her training under the CIA and Kree.