Thank you for your kind feedback! That has helped me. I was worried they’d come out of the oven brown, but they stayed nice and green. #HappyHips, When it comes to a healthy snack to match your green tea obsession, we’ve got you covered. . I even shortened the baking time for the 2nd pan of cookies. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe! These biscuits are easy to make and available in a variety of flavors so you never get bored. First, please use a kitchen scale for this recipe (as I mentioned), especially the amount of flour… it’s hard to control the texture when it’s not properly measured. I was still able to hand roll them into cookie shapes and they turned out really delicious! Thanks for a fantastic recipe ???????? Thank you so much for reading my blog and trying out my recipes! It was not that easy to get them in shape, but for me they look fine. Hi, thanks for the recipe! Remove the dough from the plastic wrap, and with a sharp knife, slice the dough into ⅓ inches (7 mm)-thick rounds. with a small ribbon over a stash of cookies. Thanks for the recipe. Probably about 2-3 days for the best taste/texture. I am interested in trying many of your matcha recipes, but noticed that in your matcha recipes and matcha information post there are different links for Maeda-En Matcha for culinary quality and universal quality. I hope your next batch will come out well. Thank you SO much for your kind feedback, and I enjoyed reading your cookie making journey. This list may not be a complete list, but it’s a good start: I think the same amount should work in this recipe (I haven’t tried, but my best judgement….). Can you use expired matcha to make dessert. So glad this recipe worked out for you. Thanks for the recipe. I will be making 2 more batches and giving away for Christmas (with read bows). So please don’t give up. 1) My oven can be both conventional (no fan) and convection (fan) but most ovens don’t come with a fan, so my recipes (most online recipes) are based on using conventional oven unless it states otherwise. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! 1) Fluff up the flour several times with a spoon. My grandma would be able to eat this (referring to one with white chocolate chips). You can omit it. We hand it over to TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain who fasting is and isn’t suitable for and, Your Tea creates tea blends for modern health, from ancient wisdom. I’m so glad you happy to hear you enjoyed these cookies! single. Let me know if you have tried this before! My first Japanese recipe is going to be green tea cookies Today I bought from the store Matcha Green Powdered Japanese Tea so fresh and so good I am thinking how it will be Homemade Maccha Chocolate because in my childhood the homemade chocolate was my favourite Thank you very much! You can also freeze the unbaked logs of dough, wrapped in plastic wrap, for up to 2 months. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! Yeah butter cookies usually require chilling time to hold the shape. If so, what’s the exact measurement to that then? Though the dough kept crumbling, putting in the fridge works , Hi E! Becos it contains egg i am not sure if i can keep in fridge for days. Hi Nami These cookies came out great. It’s sable so it’s crispy/crunchy, not chewy, and little bitter. Love it! The unique flavor of matcha in the cookies is surprisingly delightful! ‘Chocolate does works well with a couple of things, but I’d recommend a ginger blend infusion to balance out the taste of this biscuit,’ Philippa says. Made these today without the white chocolate. To purchase or read more visit. So before baking, make sure to chill the dough (in a log shape) and slice into rounds (or roll out the dough, chill, and cut out). I have a question, may i use regular sugar instead of powdered sugar? Maybe online shop? Sorry it didn’t came out well. =P Just roll evenly and fix while I make into logs… Sorry I can’t help much. It’s important to soften the butter ahead of time. Hi Emily! I tried making it and it tasted delicious. Hi Sandra! Enjoy your afternoon tea with these buttery, crispy Green Tea Cookies with Matcha powder. I couldn’t find white chocolate chips at any grocery stores, so substituted with Ghirardelli’s white chocolate baking bar (used only 1/2 bar) chopped to chip size. Is there a suitable substitution? Made with bananas, chopped almonds, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, oats, cranberries, and cinnamon you’re sure to love these delicious and easy bars. As sprinkle or a small amount to replace the white chocolates? One friend was scared by the concept of the green tea being the core ingredient but with encouragement tried it and ended up taking home a “doggy bag” (as we like to call it in Australia) of biscuits at the end of the evening. Hi Sue! It’s a shortbread style crispy cookie, so the dough is rather dry and hard than one for soft and chewy cookies. Regarding the log… I probably played the playdough a lot with the kids. Thank you for trying this recipe! Yes they are beautiful colors and it’s not too sweet either. Thankfully, there are a ton of options when it comes to snacks for your Green Tea. Just passed some to my friends today and they loved it! Only way is to add liquid in the dough but we don’t include milk or vanilla extract etc, we can increase either egg yolk or butter.