After three days, leaves taken are called earned leave or privileged leaves. 5. Casual Leave is a leave admissible to Railway servants in all groups (i.e. The leave of any kind cannot be taken as a matter of right. According to the Factories Act, the leave entitlement of the workers is named as earned leaves or EL, while, under the Shops and Establishments Act, the entitled leaves are named as privilege leaves or PL. Casual leaves can be gained from half a day to a limit of three days. Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave / Vacation but not with any other kind of leave (such as EL, HPL, EOL, etc.). Regularisation of leave in respect of absence during Lockdown period.

Casual Leave is intended essentially for short periods of absence due to unexpected contingencies. The holidays and weekly offs Prefixing/suffixing or intervening holidays within the period of Casual Leave will not be treated as part of casual leave. Casual leave must not, however, be given so as to cause evasion of the rules regarding:- Or so as to extend the term of earned or other leave beyond the time admissibility by rule. I am writing this email to request for an earned leave. If for any genuine reason prior permission is not possible to be obtained, the employee shall at least communicate through telephone or any other quickest mode of communication to the higher authority. On the off chance that the business is enrolled under the Shops and Establishment act, at that point the representative is able to get casual leave of six days. Grant of casual leave 75. Every central government employee (except military officers & staff working in Vacation dept) entitled with 30 earned leaves per annum in Two Installments, here 15 days of advance ELs will be given on the 1st day of January and remaining 15 days on the 1st day of July. Casual Leave Allocation As per Joining Month, 2. [A bank officer who has not availed of   CL in the year or in subsequent year lapses in the following 5 years. Earned leaves can be tracked via online platforms and are given to employees for traveling or vacation purposes. The aggregated or unused leaves get consequently encashed in the event that they surpass the cutoff or when the worker leaves the company. Chapter - XV Quarantine leave and special casual leave . However, many employees do take these casual leaves for planned vacations because number of leaves in India are comparatively low and employees try to use as many leaves are possible. It is not for holiday purposes because they are getting paid for such leaves. All employees are bound to follow the rules for short leave. Un-availed Casual Leave (UCL) rules for Award staff and Bank officers. 4. The number of CLs allowed per a central government employee will change according to their joining date, if an employee works for 1 year completely then he will get complete 8 days of CLs. I'm Anoob, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by qualification, digital marketer by profession. 3.2 Special casual leave must not be granted so as to extend the term of leave beyond the time admissible under the rules or to cause evasion of rules regarding date of reckoning pay and allowances, change of office, commencement and end of leave, or return from duty. Earned leave is the leave which is earned by the employee for working for a certain period. If an employee has no leave in his credit and the Management has sole discretion to grant leave without pay .In such case although deduction shall be made from his salary but employee will not be considered absent but on Leave without pay. As per the 7th pay commission, it is mandatory to avail 20 days of earned leaves before 31st December of every year, and only 10 earned leaves will be carry forwarded to the next year.
When I first started my career working as a content writer, I was always confused about casual leaves and earned leaves. Short title, application and commencement.—(1) These rules may be called the Revised Leave Rules… On and from 1.11.2020 although the availment of UCL by the officers in the following years shall continue to be permitted only on medical grounds, production of the medical certificate need not, henceforth be insisted upon in case the period of such UCL at a stretch not exceeding four days.].

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A, B, C & D) and is granted to enable them to attend to sudden/unforeseen needs/ requirements. Grant of quarantine leave 81.
Under the Factories Act, a solitary earned leave is allowed for each 20 working days, for example, 18 leaves for each year. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. CASUAL LEAVE (CL) As provided in the explanation below Rule 11 of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, Casual Leave (CL) is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rules made by the Government of India. The encashment method relies upon the organization’s leave strategy in India. Under rule 11 of the CCS leave rules 1972 the central government employees are entitled to get 8 casual leaves (CLs) for a year, for industrial workers 10 CLs, and for defense officers 20 CLs and for defense PBORs (Personnel Below Officer Rank) 30 CLs will be entitled in every calendar year. The annual leaves shall be entitled after completion of one year service.

In the event that a worker joins the organization at the mid of the schedule year, at that point the entitled earned leaves will be determined on a pro-rata basis, from the joining date to December 31 of the equivalent year. Casual Leave i. Casual leave is not earned by duty. 3. However the company may ask any employee to avail his balance leaves during OR at the end of year instead of the encashment of leaves. This Policy shall define the Leaves entitlement and shall cover rules & regulations regarding leaves, and shall be applicable to all the Permanent Employees.