My Matrix-bought 'Wacht am Rhein" has no issues and... Are you guys kidding? The Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein discussion forum is here:

New graphics for the user interface, aircraft, vehicles and other graphics. Catalog Many other minor improvements were made and reported bugs were fixed.

the specific types of ammunition used by each weapon are now modelled) with more realistic movement and projectile physics.Close Combat - Gateway to CaenClose Combat: Gateway to Caen is a great release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series. Genre: Simulation, Strategy Press.

The Wacht am Rhein remake comes with a brand new Grand Campaign including a new strategic map with 64 gorgeous hand-drawn tactical maps, over 70 scenarios, tons of new interface and unit graphics, countless engine improvements, and much more! Vastly improved and expanded rebuild of the critically acclaimed Close Combat: Battle of Bulge title, originally developed by Atomic Games. Air and artillery support are on-call but the objective can only be secured by Close Combat.

Members Home  |   Usually, minimum system requirements mean the configuration, that will allow game to start and normally work on the minimum quality settings. Close Combat: Modern Tactics brings you classic top down real time tactical warfare with the excitement of multiplayer head to head gaming. Products

This is Close Combat, You are in Command!

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Tournaments Based on Atomic Games’ award-winning Close Combat series, Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein brings together the classic top-down tactical gameplay from the original series and plenty of new features, expansions, and improvements! 70+ scenarios based on real-world battles, operations and campaigns. Cart (0), 26 November 2020  ||  Highlight  ||   Forums

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All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Privacy Policy, Close Combat Series Pathing AI Improvements Demo Video, Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein Let's Play Video, Close Combat - Wacht am Rhein Gets an Update. You take command of either US or opposition forces and engage in head to head battle (with up to 5 players per side) using modern era weaponry and equipment on gorgeous hand drawn maps measuring 1km square up to giant 4km x 1km maps. Why is it that Matrix and Slitherine sell these titles at £30 for a game that is around 15 years old.

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Close Combat: Wacht am RheinTake command of US or German forces and either retrace the last steps of Hitler’s army in one desperate attempt to turn the tide of the impending allied victory or ride to the rescue with General Patton and push back the German offensive to reclaim Bastogne.

Further improvements have been made to the AI to enhance most, if not all, performance issues: vehicle pathing, infantry tactics, team and unit morale, overall AI aggressiveness and decision-making in general.

Close Combat - Wacht am Rhein Has Gone Gold!

Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein system requirements.

Realistic soldier psychological profiles during combat. 15 years!!!

The switch to 3D also allows an increase in the level of detail (e.g. This remake of the classic Close Combat game based on the Battle of the Bulge has a number of improvements, including new artwork, bug fixes, and a grand campaign. I played many of these games and loved them. Most popular community and official content for the past week. 4 in Group Chat. Login  ||   and Slitherine Support basically just told me to go away, there's a good chap.