Companies Are Walking a Tightrope During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This spring, the travel-booking company had planned to run a set of commercials that debuted last year and included a spot called “My Dream.” In it, the company’s mascot, Captain Obvious, is riding in an airplane; his arm is pressed up against one fellow passenger and his fingers are dipping, with abandon, into another’s proffered bag of snacks. Create an external communication plan that fits your brand. Even seemingly bland things could be upsetting for consumers in fearful lockdown, like a pizza commercial that shows people at a now-FOMO-inducing sporting event or any ad at all for the disinfectant wipes that seem impossible to get. If you are an events agency, is there any way you can turn conferences or gigs into a virtual experience, allowing your clients to continue to learn and enjoy their hobbies while following social distancing best practices? It is also offering 50% off to all NHS staff and emergency workers, showing its appreciation for these key workers. Minus strategy marketing staggers. Shifting budgets to promoting at-home and delivery-based options (i.e., at-home fitness solutions/equipment/apps, grocery delivery, restaurant delivery, etc.). With this dynamic situation, companies need to plan their next marketing moves wisely to either mitigate downside risk or capture all the upside that’s possible. Companies of every stripe are suddenly faced with making such judgment calls in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, an open-ended calamity that has no … There is plenty of overlap between doing good and looking good. They are the people who will get you through these turbulent times. It’s tricky when people’s circumstances vary so widely, from bored-and-alone to overwhelmed-with-toddlers-and-deadlines to abruptly-unemployed. Full coverage and live updates on the Coronavirus, Minus strategy marketing staggers. As the importance of social distancing became apparent, some companies responded by mocking up new versions of their logos. Or a company hawking hydrogen-infused water “in funky flavors like honeydew” as a way to stay hydrated if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19? Features providing insights into the marketing industries. A situation like the Covid-19 outbreaks severely disrupts businesses, and so a large part of crisis management for companies is innovation. This promoted content is produced by a member of The Drum Network. Look at luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, which has streamlined its chocolate offering to ensure it can keep delivering to its customers over Easter and beyond, pinning a message about this to the top of its website so that any Coronavirus concerns are instantly addressed. An innovator? Subscribe today and be educated, entertained and empowered. How can you continue to offer your services, albeit in a different way than you have ever before? “And we don’t even know the scope of the problem.” Yet companies, many dealing with plenty of other issues in the struggling economy, have to be responsive anyway. We’ve already taken the photographs, we’ve already printed the catalogues. It has seen communities come together and support each other in beautiful ways; something that your company or organisation can be a valuable part of. Shifting focus from promoting premium products to entry-point or everyday items. Volkswagen put space between the V and the W. The efforts were not universally lauded. Get Rewarded,” it echoed the public health edict that is so bad for the ailing travel industry’s bottom line: “Just Stay Home.”, “We didn’t feel the tone of our usual advertising was right for the current environment,” a spokesperson for said in a statement to TIME. The world is in turmoil at the moment, with Coronavirus spreading around the globe. One of the scariest things about the Covid-19 outbreak has been the uncertainty that hangs in the air, so be sure to also provide regular updates with exactly what the company is doing to manage the crisis and how this will affect employees. The Edelman report backs up this advice: respondents roundly supported the idea of companies offering free or low-priced products to healthcare workers or people whose jobs have been affected, as well as doing whatever they can to protect their own employees and suppliers “even if it means substantial financial losses until the pandemic ends.”. When the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announces that it’s donating $100 million toward fighting the coronavirus pandemic, “that says to other wealthy individuals that there’s something you can do besides join a singalong,” Strother says. Rumble Romagnoli is chief executive of Relevance, This article is about: World, Marketing, Consumer Goods, Agency. “It might seem highly inappropriate to show you clothes for which you currently have no need,” British retailer Boden wrote in a message to customers. A word of warning: Whatever role you take, be very careful to avoid spreading misinformation - crises are unfortunately a perfect breeding ground for fake news, and this is something you definitely don’t want to be associated with. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. For help with marketing to your customers if your business is back open, check out these smart ways to get to know your post-COVID-19 customers. If brands “are acting like business as usual and are still running their same advertising,” says Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer for San Francisco-based ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, “you immediately feel like that’s a brand that’s tone deaf.” Johnson says the firm has been working on “fast turnaround stuff for all our big clients,” including Comcast and PepsiCo.