Storm in a D CUP??! there breast are. By the blue and pink one, do you mean the first bra (in a 28GG)? I wish The Little Bra Company did a D cup. So glad you’ve managed to find a size that fits you well! The E cup bra you mention could be equivalent to a DD or DDD depending on the brand. I like this post. This is a rough, coarse, approach, I know. ), maybe they’d find themselves much better supported, looking and feeling better in the right size bra! I have just realized this week that I’m a 34F. It can be really frustrating when people don’t understand about how cup sizes are relative. So was the sales lady who helped me when I kept insisting I was an A cup. I just measured myself and it says I’m a 44F, but that seems way too large. Did you use this calculator with your measurements? And wearing the wrong size can make you feel bad about yourself. Wish I had more info for you on TLBC, but hope this helps! These related bra sizes of the same cup volume are called sister sizes. Minimiser bras can be used if you need a hand doing the buttons up on your button-up shirt. We’ve been conditioned to think that sizes are what they are because of marketing and the media. Lying bust:32 inches, Hi Chloe, no worries! And I assume such well defined volume is a standard across all of the bra industry (regardless of quality or style). Have you tried using this calculator for measuring before? It’s all relative. The photographs are unfortunately all we had access to in order to show different sizes – they are not ours, they’re from the Bra Band Project, so we weren’t able to get pictures all from the same angle or in the same lighting unfortunately, although that would have been ideal to make our point. I really hope you spread this message as far as you can. It made sense and I’m very happy I discovered my correct size. You’ve only read the first sentence and got the wrong idea completely – a D cup, or even a DD cup isn’t that big at all, in fact I’m a GG and Charley is a D cup and identifies as the “Little Cup” here! Yes at a GG I can feel quite big but often because I’m a dancer and surrounded by people with little or nothing!! For example, a young, fit woman who is an active athlete who is a D cup starting out, may wish to be a small B cup afterward. Using ratios is how we measure a lot of things. More support is necessary from bras, and you will often need to look for slightly thicker straps too, to be able to support the weight. In a sentence (although this may make it more confusing! This means that Person A might measure 38in overbust and be wearing a cup size GG, and Person B might also measure 38in overbust but wear a cup size D. What you’re missing there is the band size. I’ll tell you, that’s me, and I’m currently a 28GG…. Thanks for sharing this synposis. I’m always having to adjust myself. Well I’ll probably be a D cup by 15 and everyone seems to think that its a gross cup size and I’m sick of it. Hi! For a model trying to look big breasted, it is good for her to have the biggest cup and at the same time, the shortest band size. Its safe to assume an A boob to be 1.5 inch tall (do not include the niple) and 3.5 inches diameter (at the base, it is, where it meets the body) It’s also possible that they’ve (like many people) been measured up wrongly in the past, or that the modelling agency put those sizes as they’re more “mainstream”. We’re so glad you liked the post and found it useful in helping you see the perspective of bra sizes a little You may want to also check out our post on A Bra That Fits for further advice once you’ve found your size or check out our Bra Fitting 101 page for more info. *The 40D bra’s straps can be adjusted is what I meant. For years I thought I had been self conscious of my chest thinking I couldn’t be bigger than an A cup looked for AA and AAA bras but then one fateful day just over two years ago came across a bra measuring guide on a website picked up a tape measure and put those figures into a bra calculator and was shocked to find out the result. 32B) but their sister size of 28D in another bra depending on comfort and the brand. It’s probably worth having a go at measuring yourself to get a ballpark idea of what size you should be – we recommend this calculator for that , I went and measured my size again and tried more bras and the woman said my size went from c to d, I kinda feel like shit I didn’t want them to get bigger , C was fine for me and it took me time to get used to it and accept it but now that my size is d, I just feel like shit and I hate my body and my boobs like the idea in my head is that only women with kids that have the size d , reading this makes me feel little bit better jut still I’m not accepting the idea of having a d cup for now and I HATE IT.