Sometimes the office is at home. In order to develop good organizational skills, there are other skills that are also important. I had the bad habit of not naming them, so my computer would be full of files name New Document.doc, New Document1.doc and New Document2.doc. Even if you don’t get to finish what you’ve planned for the day, after finishing the most important thing it will give you a sense of accomplishment instead of spending the entire day worrying about what needs to be done. I have an app called Pigeon that sends me alerts about New York City subway lines that are experiencing delays. I don’t know if it’s being organized, or being a neurotic pessimist, but I subscribe to the philosophy, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.” I try to imagine everything that could possibly go wrong, and then do whatever is possible to prevent those things from happening. De-clutter often. Being organized at work is very important in order to get ahead in your career. However, the lids are never put back. Yes, having an organized household helps a person to take on anything that is thrown to them at any time of their life. There are different ways of organizing stuff. It is very tempting to quickly put a load of laundry in the washer and then continue to work. That person will certainly not get a promotion. They say a place for everything and everything in its place. Is it an ends-justifies-the-means thing, so that any person who is good at his or her job, and also good at meeting personal-life obligations, is organized? Good decision-making skills will enable you to prioritize those tasks. I could create an outline, but what would be the point? Just make it simple. Zeroing in on exactly what you need, or what you most will likely need, and not stocking up willy-nilly, whether for travel or for an upcoming project, is an important part of organization, which, I admit, I fall short on. Keeping to-do lists always helps and when I don’t have a list, I’m totally disorganized and get nothing done. When you have your tasks organized and plan your meals or your laundry day, you can spend some extra time doing other unscheduled -and sometimes fun- things, and still have your life under control. A good organizational system means that I can easily get what I’m looking for and I can maintain it also just as easily. The most well-known way of organization is by putting alike stuff together. To-lists is indeed a must with mommy brains , Your email address will not be published. As we've mentioned, reducing that feeling of being overwhelmed by the mess allows you to be more productive. I couldn’t clean it either, because they still didn’t have their own place. In order to be organized and efficient it is important to know what needs to be done, in what time-frame should it be done and by whom? It means that you know why it’s important to hang up your coat so that you don’t argue with yourself or give yourself an excuse to skip this habit. The last time this happened, I made it to a conference, while one of my colleagues—who left it to chance—did not. Organizing your life brings plenty of benefits, both internally and externally. I also hate outlines. Most of us have … What do you think it means to be organized? Arranging disorder into something coherent and logical is what it means to organize. Being organized isn’t just about what you see. Not everybody heads to the office in the morning to work. Productivity. Now that we know what being organized means, what skills do we need to develop to become more organized? Don't hoard things or impulse buy stuff you don't need. And doing one thing at a time is smart–multitasking never works. Author Stephanie Vozza says organized people “seek out tools.” I don’t exactly seek them out, and the ones I use are so basic that I don’t know if they qualify as “tools,” but I do make the most of technological ease to keep on top of my commitments. I am answering this from an art teacher’s point of view. Being organized and having a good organization means that tasks are done faster and more efficient. Very embarrassing and unprofessional. A place where you can sit and really get to work and leave whenever you take a break. As long as you're willing to put in the effort, you have the capabilities to become an organized person and a more productive you. Organization comes more naturally to some than others, but anyone can figure out a method for … Is it an ends-justifies-the-means thing, so that any person who is good at his or her job, and also good at meeting personal-life obligations, is organized? Is this what being organized really means? While it may seem like being organized is a personality trait, it's actually learned behavior, so you shouldn't ever be discouraged thinking that if you aren't an organized person now, you never will be. Is organization a trait that can be trained, or, like creativity, is it just one of those things—you’re either organized or you’re not? A great place to start being organized is to spruce up your personal space like your bedroom or your office, or any other small space where you spend your time. In any case, it is a necessary effort if you want to be in control of your life, make better decisions, enjoy your time and gain peace of mind. There’s one point Vozza makes about so-called organized people that I have to agree with: Organized people “have less stuff.” Well, I mostly agree to the extent that I deeply regret that on my last trip as a travel writer I had to publicly open my suitcase, with everything spilling onto the floor, as I worked feverishly to eliminate a pound to satisfy the baggage weight requirement. ← Older Post Even after becoming a good student in college, the disorganized critique emerged again, this time from a professor who was a great fan of mine.