Soul food, therefore, features heavily on local menus. For farmers, pigs and chickens were the primary source of meat, with many farmers maintaining their own smokehouses to produce a variety of hams, bacon, and sausages. New Orleans is most famous for its Mardi Gras carnival. These bondservants had little choice when it came to ingredients but managed to find inventive ways of using leftovers to make hearty dishes that warmed the soul. From rustic roadside cafés to fine-dining restaurants, jambalaya is menu mainstay across the state. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. If you’re in Baton Rouge, the state capital, try one of its Jambalaya Shoppe outlets, which serve huge portions to much acclaim. An interview with Atlanta Chef Todd Richards by Beth McKibben. Barbecuing, meanwhile, is almost a religion, particularly in Georgia and South Carolina, which even has its own barbecue trail. Similar to a Subway, this sandwich was created in 1929 during a New Orleans streetcar strike. Join Ian Wright as he journeys through America’s Deep South, home to the civil rights movement, the American civil war, and blues, jazz and rock – and gritz of course! Filed Under: American Food, Deep South, Food, Southern U.S. By Ruth Margolis. It even puts on an annual jamboree to honour its freshwater friends. (Note that Appalachia is overwhelmingly Protestant, the Catholic prohibition on meat-eating during Lent had no impact on Appalachian cuisine.) “The Entanglement of Nostalgia and Utopia in Contemporary Southern Food Cookbooks.” Food, Culture & Society 19 (2): 361–87. Their culinary traditions live on in must-try dishes such as boudin (Cajun sausage), étouffée (spicy seafood stew) and crawfish (freshwater shellfish). Do save room for dessert, which is one of Alabama’s specialities: immortalised in the book To Kill a Mockingbird, the state’s legendary lane cake is one of many reasons why visitors to the Deep South will soon be loosening their belts. Traditional favourites include the Crystal Grill and Lusco's in Greenwood, and The Little Dooey for barbecue in Starkville. Barbecuing is considered a competitive sport throughout Georgia and across the state there are numerous celebrations dedicated to flame-grilled food, including the annual Atlanta BBQ Festival, which also serves up live music and local beer. If you’re uninitiated and planning on going for the traditional Southern fried breakfast then make like a boy scout and be prepared… perhaps by working up an appetite for a day or two beforehand. Welcome to The Deep South USA! (Note: raw eggs may contain salmonella and should definitely not be taken by pregnant women). Extending beyond its world-renowned fried chicken, the cuisine of America’s Deep South is unique and fun with a long history. Fried catfish battered in cornmeal is commonly served at local establishments with hot sauce and a side of fries and coleslaw. Bon Ton Cafe in New Orleans is lauded for its étouffée, though it has brought other Cajun dishes to prominence, including broiled speckled trout. Oddly enough this law is actually enforced: the last known violator was the late Ginny Dietrick, who was arrested on her 91st birthday for eating the local speciality with a knife and fork. More information on cuisine in Louisiana... From the Hill Country to the Coast restaurants make travel in Mississippi a culinary adventure. This wasn’t news to diners familiar with the city but his comments have piqued interest beyond the state lines. It also features a Little Miss Catfish Pageant, a Miss Catfish Pageant and a catfish-eating competition among other events. It’s an all-American jamboree that provides a taste of local life in more ways than one. This South American dish is referred as the national dish of Brazil. For decades, shrimp and grits have been considered a basic breakfast for … Continued, History of Cuban Sandwich, Cubano Sandwich    Photo courtesy of Tony Hernandez III of Mr. Cubano, authentic Cuban Sandwiches, in Cape Canaveral, Florida     The Cuban sandwich, … Continued, You will love this delightful and easy-to-make Florida Key Lime Pie.