1903: A research operation called the Experimental Station is opened near the original gunpowder works. In 1997 Conoco acquired heavy oil reserves in Venezuela and a gas field in Texas, thus increasing its oil reserves by 50 percent. DuPont pays many claims but later defends itself, saying the product was not to blame. 1984 Expansion and innovation at Shenzhen. DuPont builds 54 plants at 32 locations for the war effort. Benlate production ends. 141 and Lancaster Pike in Greenville. Baudey leaves the company, sets up his own powder works south of Wilmington and sues Irénée over his DuPont share value. 1938: DuPont opens the Nemours Building as part of the expansion of the corporate headquarters. Investment in research and equipment had reached 1.8 billion since 1982, yet most of the drugs under development were years from the market. 1999: DuPont divests most of its real estate holdings in downtown for $25 million, shedding the Nemours, Brandywine and Tatnall buildings. The story was retold in the 2014 film Foxcatcher, which was produced by another heir, Megan Ellison, daughter of billionaire Larry Ellison. Demand for gunpowder and explosives during the Crimean War and the California Gold Rush is robust. … The company celebrates its 150th anniversary at Hagley. Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, known as Irénée to his family, buys 95 acres on the Brandywine River (above what is now Hagley Museum). New generation. du Pont de Nemours & Company, American corporation engaged primarily in biotechnology and the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Prior to the spinoffs it was the world's largest chemical company in terms of sales. That equals about $439 million. Expanding into paints and coatings. 1984 Expansion and innovation at Shenzhen. March: The cousins buy the business for $12 million. During the War of 1812, DuPont sells more than 1 million pounds of powder at an average of 40 cents a pound to the U.S. government and military units. 35 on the 2019 Fortune 500list of the largest United State… It is the largest company ever targeted by an activist investor and the first proxy war in DuPont's 213-year history. A Connecticut gunpowder mill takes the name "Brandywine," so the company's trademark is changed to "DuPont.". It has the distinction of being air-conditioned. Later, it is introduced at DuPont and becomes a model for American Companies. The oval trademark is created. This acquisition is followed by Fairfield Rubber Co. and the Harrison Inc., a paint and chemicals producer. KEVLAR, a super strong lightweight fiber used in bulletproof vests and to reinforce building walls, among other things, is introduced after 15 years of research and development and $500 million. DuPont begins buying land interests in rival powder works, including California Powder Works. However, Seagram and DuPont arrived at an agreement whereby Seagram could not purchase more than 25 percent of DuPont stock until 1991. BENLATE fungicide is introduced. 1967: Construction begins on the 19-story Brandywine Building, next to the Nemours Building. In March 1986 DuPont acquired Elit Circuits Inc., a producer of molded circuit interconnects. 1937 Expansion and progress in Argentina. When the cousins first incorporated in 1902, the company controlled 36 percent of the United States powder market. 1939 Growth and the pursuit of transparency. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Haskell Lab moves to Newark. He started the company at the Eleutherian Mills, on the Brandywine Creek, near Wilmington, Delaware, two years after du Pont and his family left France to escape the French Revolution and religious persecution against HuguenotProtestants. Carbon dating of shells at a local midden site shows human life thriving here 5,700 years ago. 1792: This land was first seen by outsiders when British Captain George Vancouver and his party of explorers came into the Sound. The celebration was held on July 5th, as the Fourth fell on a Sunday. In April 1982 DuPont purchased the agrichemicals division of SEPIC. DuPont's product mix was now 95 percent non-explosives. DuPont Co. timeline. Also in 1981, The Nemours Foundation opens the Nemours Health Clinic to provide dental and eye care and prescription drug benefits to Delaware elderly. Upper Yard Kullman and DuPont lead director Alexander Cutler tell Peltz the board unanimously rejected Trian's proposal to settle the proxy fight. DuPont agrees to supply powder to the allies. Ellen Kullman suddenly retires from the company, effective Oct. 16. Founded in 1802, the company began as a partnership in gunpowder and explosives. The company gets into scientific instruments, medical equipment, heat transfer products, building products, and magnetic tape. ... Service Timeline. In 1996 Conoco returned 860 million in net earnings and bought the support of DuPont's board. Lammot du Pont, Alfred's son and the company chemist, is granted the company's first patent for nitrate of soda. Haskell Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology opens at the Experimental Station. Alfred I. du Pont, a fourth generation du Pont, wants to buy the company and enlists the help of his cousins, T. Coleman and Pierre S. du Pont. They single out, among other things, DuPont's hospitality unit, which includes the Hotel du Pont and the DuPont Theatre in the DuPont Building, as a drain on the company's financial performance. Sells DuPont Pharmaceuticals for $7.8 billion. Forty percent of the explosives used by the Allies in WWII is supplied by DuPont. All rights reserved. Pension plan for workers with more than 15 years of experience is added as a benefit. ... DuPont Company Explosions Timeline created by mblunden10. Wilmington In 1802 a French immigrant, Eleuth re Ir n e du Pont, established a gunpowder mill, the forerunner of the modern gigantic and diversified DuPont industries with their experimental laboratories in … 1957 DuPont UK and the European expansion. DuPont celebrates its 200th anniversary on July 19th. 1802 Breaking ground on the Brandywine river. Northwest Landing's first home owners, Pat and Gilbert Goodhind, moved in 1994. They single out DuPont’s hospitality unit, which includes the Hotel du Pont and the DuPont Theatre in the DuPont Building, as a drain on the company’s financial performance. By 1987 the changes were paying off in some areas, as discretionary cash flow reached 4.5 billion. ... Sign up; Dupont Timeline created by elijah1995. In 1995 some analysts and DuPont shareholders were recommending DuPont sell off the subsidiary, which they felt was not even returning the cost of its capital. With a second quarter decline in earnings in 1998 of 12 percent, the fall IPO was seen by analysts as a way to boost earnings and share price and further invest in DuPont's growing biotech business. Sixteen full-time research scientists are hired. DuPont buys back Lammot's interests and becomes the country's largest dynamite producer. Benlate 50 DF is recalled because of the presence of Atrazine herbicide. 1902. The last person in charge of the fort, Edward Huggins, and his family stayed and homesteaded the fort site. To make certain things stayed that way, the firm announced in 1990 that it would spend 500 million over three years to build or expand Lucre plants. It is named the DuPont Building. In January, the third generation of du Ponts decide to sell the business to a competitor. The plan involves the sale of the 100-acre Barley Mill Plaza campus at Del. du Pont de Nemours & Co., begins with $36,000 in capital. Visualizing our history Dow never stops evolving. 1837: The SS Beaver was the first steamship in Puget Sound. In 1997 Conoco acquired heavy oil reserves in Venezuela and a gas field in Texas, thus increasing its oil reserves by 50 percent. He had studied advanced explosives production techniques with the famous chemist Antoine Lavoisier. du Pont. Alfred believes the company should have bought the stock. No powder was produced for a year in the upper yard section of the powder mill. DuPont is labeled a severe violator of federal workplace safety standards following a second inspection of the La Porte, Texas, plant where four employees were killed in a massive gas leak in 2014. Irénée dies in Philadelphia on Oct. 31 after a short illness. Carbon dating of shells at a local midden site shows human life thriving here 5,700 years ago. 1906: E.I DuPont deNemours Company in Wilmington, Delaware, purchased approximately five square miles of land for the manufacture of black powder and high explosives. 207 Barksdale Avenue, DuPont, Washington 98327, Tel. DuPont sells The News Journal Co. to Gannett Co. for $60 million.