This includes: eggs, egg whites, almond milk and vanilla. Baked Protein Oatmeal (with a Secret Ingredient! Banana Protein Muffins. Can the cottage cheese be eliminated and replaced with more egg-whites ? Like can I just use cassava? They should pop out easily if you greased your pan really well. Bake for approximately 12 minutes or until mixture appears set. ★☆. Find me, and follow me at all my profiles below: Approximately 1 cup of any berry of your choice! Also, at only around 130 calories per muffin, this muffin is far lower in calories than most store-bought muffins. And if you wanted to add some even bigger flavors (and some more protein) try chopping up some ham, apple sausage or Canadian bacon. Spray a mini muffin tin with coconut oil spray. Oh WOW! I just wanted to thank you SINCERELY for these – I made them tonight and almost sobbed they were so insanely delicious. © Copyright Clean Food Crush ® LLC 2014-2020 So easy and so good! Alycia Lost 7 Pounds During The 30 Day Challenge! These egg muffins take only 25 minutes to throw together, so they're an easy Sunday meal prep option. Per one muffin: 87 calories, 7 grams protein. Spray a muffin tin with non-stick spray. Or would that change the composition of the muffin? Next, transfer them to a freezer-friendly air tight container or a freezer bag and pop back into the freezer. Get the recipe here. Pop all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. This banana protein muffin will fit much easier into low-carb diets than your typical banana muffin as well. I was … Look no further! 65 Clean, Simple, and Delicious Pumpkin Recipes! Lets help Ana out! This is a great recipe with is full of vitamins and protein and I have to say pretty fulfilling too. Here are some reader favorites from my site: Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. It is an all-around, easy to use grain free flour. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Perfect for a pre-post workout snack or simply with some coffee or tea in the afternoon. Thanks so much Laurie! This includes: eggs, egg whites, almond milk and vanilla. Thanks so much for reading! There are plenty of options for high-protein breakfasts you can make in a muffin tin: egg cups, quiches, baked oatmeal, and of course, muffins. ★☆ Next, add in the dry ingredients. First lay them on a rimmed baking that’s lined with parchment paper. Thank you for supporting Bake It Paleo! I personally love the egg white muffins when I am coming back from a big workout and wanting to bump up my protein intake a bit. So glad that you enjoyed it Lisa! Ours barely lasted 3 days and I made a double batch. I've never baked with egg white protein powder so I can't say whether it would work. Peel banana and mash in a large mixing bowl. Get the recipe here. I can’t find greek yogurt in Indonesia, can I replace with regular yogurt? So today I did a quick search online and found these amazing Banana Bread Protein Muffins from DashingDish (yet another amazing blog stuffed with tons of clean eating recipe [and it also provides info for weight watchers] so please check it out). You can watch the video down below and if you make this recipe I would love for you to give it a ★ rating below. They seem like the perfect little snack for me to grab on the go to work in the morning (I’m not much of a breakfast eater). One thing I have started doing to make my life easier is meal prep. The cauliflower hash browns get nice and crispy for a sneaky and delicious way to eat vegetables first thing. Can I use a different type of flour than paleo mix? Dani Spies is the founder and host of Clean & Delicious; a weekly cooking show on YouTube and a healthy eating blog that celebrates real, whole foods! Mini quiches are one of the clutchest things I keep in my freezer, because they double as a breakfast and a dinner option. Transfer to a bowl and fold in the egg whites, flour, protein powder, baking soda, baking powder, and cinnamon until just mixed. I will try the cottage cheese next time. I made 14 muffins which is an awkward amount of muffins to make so if you prefer, you can make them a bit larger and just make a dozen. So glad you enjoyed them! Thanks! Hi Susan! Print Recipe. Spray 12-tin muffin tray with cooking spray. Put a muffin paper in one compartment of your muffin tin and mist it with the cooking spray. I recommend Nuzest protein for this recipe. Thanks for all your work trying to keep families and individuals healthy. Get the recipe here. You could also pair one with another favorite breakfast side or nosh on it as a mid-morning snack—in fact, these babies are good all day long. Put them in the oven on 350F/176C for around 25-30 minutes or 15-20 minutes for a regular muffin … You can eat a double or (maybe) triple the batch of this muffin and still likely be under the calories of a single bakery muffin. Lastly, bake the muffins at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until done. And be sure to follow me on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and FaceBook for more healthy food inspiration! Get the recipe here. Instead, on the weekends (when my husband is home to help) I’m roasting trays of veggies, grilling up meat for a few days and baking items that can be easily stashed in the freezer. I love these. Great for a quick breakfast! Vitamin A, D, E, K, a range of B vitamins, and folate, are just a handful of the goodness found in a whole egg.