By all means, consult a healthcare provider if symptoms persist or if the enema doesn’t work or leads to any type of complication. Combine ingredients in a saucepan. Don’t give this enema too often or regularly since it can deplete the body of some essential minerals (e.g., iron) and vitamins.

Make sure the salt is fully dissolved. While it might seem a little strange to inject your morning brew into your colon, the … If you think you need more information before using any of them, research yourself over the Internet.

As has been stated, the list of homemade DIY enema solutions available is rather long. It’s been reported, in fact, that lemon juice enemas may help with the pain and discomfort generally associated with colitis. This substance is commonly used for bathing (for muscle ache relief) and it is also sometimes taken orally to combat constipation. It’s also a good idea to use a bifidus probiotic, as this is the most common beneficial bacteria in the colon, and it helps to fight candida infections. Incredibly, there are many enema solutions that anyone can prepare and administer themselves or with the help of a family member, friend or acquaintance. Then expel into toilet. Mix the concoction well until you see all the salt dissolved.

Here, soap made from vegetable oil is mixed with liquid. There are numerous recipes that have already been concocted to relieve us of various colon problems, but the most popular and believed to be one of the safest and one of the most effective is the soapy enema. Subject: A Good Punishment Enema If you're looking for a good punishment enema recipe, fill a two quart pitcher with very hot water and swish a bar of Ivory soap in it enough to make the water just slightly milky with a little foam on the top. Put glycerin or prescription medication into the enema bag if your doctor recommends it. These are not retained indefinitely, but rather for about 10 – 20 minutes, which is enough time for them to do the work they are intended to do. Lemon juice has a well-established reputation as a healing substance.

Like coffee enemas, don’t overuse this enema solution!

Although no special medical training may be required to give someone an enema, there are still some caveats and precautions that need to be taken. This is perhaps one of the most versatile solutions, considering how much you do with it, including fighting the effects of constipation. Warm up from 1 to 2 cups of milk (the “whole” variety), bringing it to a modest boil—avoid overheating or curdling. An alkaline substance, baking soda can help neutralize acids, which are not good insider the human body; accordingly, this enema is excellent for people experiencing conditions (such as diabetes) that can lead to abnormal amounts of acidity inside the body. But if you have an urge to expel earlier, that’s OK.  see (1a) for index; (1b)  (1c), Salt & Soda Enema:, History of Coffee Enema:  or, Description of Coffee Enema:, Basic Coffee Enema Procedure & Description:, Coffee Enema for Liver Detox:, Probiotic Enema:, Coffee Enema Dr. Max Gerson protocol: With that said, let's dive right in, shall we?

Mix the ingredients until everything is dissolved. Note: This can also be given as a vaginal douche, if you have a yeast infection. Enema Recipe: Simple Recipes For Your Colon An enema is a method that can relieve a variety of different colon health issues ranging from constipation to removing heavy metals.

As with any other procedure involving someone’s health and, possibly, their lives, proceed with extreme caution and, unless you know what you’re doing, do seek the guidance and help of someone familiar with enemas and constipation—preferably, someone with medical training. Lie on side (as instructed above) for 10 – 15 minutes, then expel. Using this type of enema weekly, in fact, can help with chronic constipation.

See also: Moon Dragon website (9).

Just make sure that you don’t overuse or misuse any of them. Because it is so powerful and effective, you don’t need too much of it, used too often, or to use hold in for very long. By the way, administering beneficial bacteria like this (directly into the colon) is much more beneficial than consuming it (such as in yogurt or pills). This type of enema, you should be warned, may have rather powerful effects, so use with extreme care. Before giving anyone an enema (including yourself), make sure that you read up on the proper way to administer an enema, making sure that you get your information from good sources. This method stimulates bile secretion, but does not clean higher in the colon.

Follow coffee enema with a probiotic enema (see below for recipe). If standing in your shower, crouch so tip is about 2 feet below the bag, and allow fluid to flow into bowel. This type of enema solution may be best suited for those persons suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer and hemorrhoids. If you're looking for enema supplies, then I recommend Enema Supply. Make coffee mixture as above, but deliver only about 1 cup of enema into colon. * We don't do spam,just the latest. Remove tip; lie in bed (or on the floor) on right side for 5-10 minutes; roll over to left side for another 5-10 minutes. This site suggests this implant should not be done more than three times a year.

This is a rather simple type of solution which can not only cleanse the … See Best Home Remedies: Coffee Enema for another, similar method. I only recommend products that are 100% natural, safe, and effective, which is why I really like DrFloras. This type of enema may be somewhat irritating, especially if used regularly. Then expel into toilet. If you encounter resistance to water flow, stop the slow and gently massage your abdomen and try again; repeat as necessary.

This type of enema is one of the most utilized and rather well known. the probiotic enema is designed to provide viable probiotic bacteria to the colon when your own flora are compromised or decimated, or after a cleansing enema which can deplete your flora.

Like lemon juice enema, this type of enema is excellent for removing hanging-around-for-too-long feces in the colon—in other words, it’s a good cleaning up solution.

If you are constipated, use the soapsuds enema to help you empty your bowel prior to doing a coffee enema. Return from Enema Recipe to Cleansing Enemas. Because natural ingredients are used (vegetable oil in this case) in the mixture, the process is also suited for children, if you don't want to use just water for your children. They even offer a long money-back guarantee in case it doesn't work for you.

This solution is very effective for most people. Sign up today and get our top stories delivered straight to your inbox. Make coffee mixture as above, but deliver only about 1 cup of enema into colon.

Of course, filter the juice before mixing into the water so that only the juice remains. If your bowels are sluggish, or if  you have not done an enema in a long time, do a warm-water enema (1 – 2 quarts) prior to the coffee enema. As a matter of fact, the regular use of enemas can reduce the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut; this fact alone, therefore, is an excellent reason to use this type of enema, if for no other reason.

While enemas can be very helpful in helping you to detox or relieve constipation, if not done slowly and properly and with clean equipment, they can cause serious problems. You don’t have to hold this enema in for very long—in fact, administer it as quickly as you can for best results. Introduce the solution into the rectum and retain inside for as long as it seems feasible and appropriate.

Or in addition to chlorophyl (no wheatgrass). While enemas can be very helpful for detox or to relieve constipation, if not done slowly and properly and with clean equipment, they can cause serious problems. As mentioned, don’t try to hold it in for too long but long enough to produce a beneficial effect.

If administered carefully and conscientiously, these homemade enema solutions are all safe, effective and relatively comfortable.

Mix the ingredients well. If you want to try them and they don’t work as written, add the following at the beginning (before “https://www.”; for example, becomes, Wendy Myers’ podcast: Learn About Coffee Enemas, Before doing a coffee enema void any stool, Chlorophyll or Wheatgrass Enema instructions, European, French, Irish, Latin American, & Russian, Mediterranean: Greek, Italian, Spanish, Moroccan, Culturing, Curing, Lacto-Fermentation, & Tonics, List of Enema Recipes on Natural Healing Remedies Menu,,,,,,,,,,, Cooking Greens Substitutes (Cooks Thesarous), Natasha’s Kitchen (Ukrainian & Russian Recipes).