Stop at 90 seconds and see if it's done; if not, microwave at 30 second intervals (so it doesn't overflow). It was delicious ? The gluten-free-ness comes from using almond flour. But I love the concept and it’s so easy to throw together – I just mixed it all in the mug! Thanks for trying this recipe. Thanks for your comment, it made me so happy! I don’t understand who you There are many weeks where we make this healthy banana bread several times . Mine certainly doesn’t (“mama run!! You’ll notice in the above ingredient list, that there is no flour in this easy banana bread recipe. I’m sorry it didn’t set up for you Steve! My 13YO is going to LOVE this! My kids love it. There is always a bit of variation in different flours, egg size, etc so I hope you’ll try this microwave banana bread recipe again with the 4 tbsp almond flour. Either this was because of the banana making it really moist, or it was undercooked. I’ve made this banana bread mug cake with regular flour when that’s what I happen to have at home. For the top, combine: 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp brown sugar or xylitol or sucanat, 2 tsp overripe mashed banana, tiny pinch salt, 1 tsp buttery spread OR 1 tsp more mashed banana, optional crumbled pecans or walnuts. Our small window air conditioner was whirring away doing the best it could and I knew I couldn’t tax it anymore or it just might give up and stop working. Absolutely!!! Yay! I used pecans instead of chocolate chips. Thanks for sharing . We both loved it. Pingback: Genius tips on eating healthy on a budget - The Curious Frugal. If you’re just making one, increase the microwave time by 30-60 seconds. My husband and I LOVE this recipe! I’d have to play around with it because it would take some major scaling from a mug cake. . Hi Rebecca! I am not a summer person. I haven’t made it myself that way but I would try 350 F for 15-20 minutes and check to make sure it’s set. I used walnuts instead of chocolate chips. It took 5 minutes to make without a recipe and needs altering/improving. I don’t track calories or carbs and the nutrition info isn’t included with the recipe app I use for my site. Yay!! Somebody plugged it in to an online nutrition calculator and ballpark (I don’t remember exactly) it was around 300 or 350 calories. Add the remaining (dry) ingredients, making sure you put the baking powder in last and mix it all together. A lot of people have tried this banana bread mug cake recipe (thank you guys!) Glad you all loved it And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a blogger sharing your recipes! This was tasty! I made this three times in one week and Miss O loved hers too. and there have been different questions about substituting ingredients. Greetings from the Inspire Me Monday linky! You don’t always have time to bake, but there is always time to mug cake! NOTE: I put my mug in for 2 minutes, the mix was spongey and gooey. Ally, yes you can! Thanks for letting me know! Hello. I gave it to my husband and told him it was magic cake. Way healthier too. Love the idea of swirling pb into it…mmm…, Pingback: How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money Sharing Your Recipes - The Curious Frugal. I’m glad! This makes this microwave banana bread recipe gluten-free and paleo as well. So glad you liked this banana bread mug cake! You can sub the almond flour with a gluten-free flour mix. Yay, so happy you love the recipe! My high schoolers were stoked to have them waiting for them after school. This recipe can make one thicker banana bread but I like the texture better when it’s put into two dishes and cooked that way. Meyer lemon shortbread cookies - The Curious Frugal, Mini peach scones with vanilla glaze (vegan) - The Curious Frugal, Easy brie and spinach quiche - The Curious Frugal, Ultimate vegan donut recipe round-up - The Curious Frugal, Healthy chocolate mug cake recipe - The Curious Frugal, Genius tips on eating healthy on a budget - The Curious Frugal, Faster no knead bread without dutch oven - The Curious Frugal, Healthy Caramel Milkshake Recipe - The Curious Frugal. Have you ever tried expanding it to make a full loaf? I love single serving snacks for that reason – no wait time! Member recipes are not tested in the GoodFood kitchen. Now, let’s make this healthy microwave banana bread mug cake! You can sub the almond flour with oat flour in this banana bread mug cake. In a medium bowl, mash up the banana with a fork (or I use a pastry cutter). Keep an eye on the cooking time, it might be slightly different! Delicious! Crack the egg in this bowl and mix together. Summer is the perfect time to make a single-serve microwave treat. Thank you for making this easy and yummy recipe! Microwave on high for 90 seconds for shallower dishes and up to 2 1/2 minutes for a single deeper mug (like the brown one in the photos above!).