How do you make strawberry wine (or any fruit wine)? 2. 1. Here are some tips that should help you along on your fresh fruit wine making adventure. Make a batch of wine from fresh strawberries. Also, check out our fruit wine recipe … Here’s an easy homemade wine recipe using common items that you already have around the house. Just as can be the case with grape wine making, leaving the pulp with the juice for the first week or so of fermentation will also intensify the wine’s body, character and deepen its color. If you’re new to making wine, a quick and easy method is making wine from fruit … So, wine lovers, take a look at some of the most unusual, yet delightful wine recipes. 16 Best Fruit, Herb, And Vegetable Wine Recipes. photo by The photos here show us making a batch of homemade strawberry wine … But, deviating a fruit wine making recipe much beyond this would not be sound. Fresh apples picked from an apple tree can be used to make an apple wine. The process of making wine with fresh fruit can vary depending on the kind of fruit you’re using, but there are some general guidelines to follow when you’re making with fresh fruit. Alright, now we’re going to dive into the exact method we use for making fruit wines in our house. How to Make Homemade Wine the Easy Way. The pulp is where a lot of a fruit… Winemaking at home is easy with our beginner’s guide to making wine from fruit juice.