For a while I have a problem with frequent urination during the day & night. Remember, the real trick to homeopathy is to match the greatest number of symptoms with the best remedy that will relieve those symptoms. She has frequent urination which is uncontrollable. what to do and how to cure? Now I am 62 years old and experience frequent urination, sometimes even after half an hour. Phosphoric Acid and Equisetum Hyemale are good homeopathic medicines for an overactive bladder in cases of frequent and large quantities of urination.

Every time there is urge i do pass adequate quantity of urine and its appearance is normal without any unusual color or smell.This has not affected my sleep so far in that i do not get-up frequently to pass urine.Generally the frequency and uncontrollable urge have now become concerning. Equisetum Hyemale is useful when there is a constant feeling of fullness in the urinary bladder. I have found no homeopathic doctors in my area, Which of the remedies in this article should I try? In the case of an overactive bladder, the bladder muscles contract involuntarily and make the person feel the need to pass urine even when the bladder is only slightly filled. The homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder helps by curing the cause of the problem. Do not you tell me how to eat and name of Medicines? Help! My wife has already lost her interest in having sex and remains usatisfied which leads to constant tension. This symptom can cause a lot of problems when it occurs at night or if the patient is walking. I am Palash Chatterjee from west bengal, my daughter is 4 and half years old. my age is 32 know I am in lot off stress please suggest a homeopathic treatment. I had a baby in 2008.

I have a slightly enlarged prostate. Other symptoms include a frequent desire to urinate and an involuntary passage of urine, also known as urinary incontinence. Thnx.Syed Mahmood Ali Mob.9760529648, What homeopathic medication available in market should I take for an overactive bladder/nocturnal ? My quality of life is hell. Iam so depressed.

I’m presently taking KREOSOTUM 30 and CANTHARIS 30 three times each daily for the past Two months. Also when I get up the second or third time I have an anxiety feeling where I cannot go back to sleep. Hello, I am a 70 year old male and in reasonably good health with high blood pressure. It is useful when a female has a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME REMEDY FOR THIS ARUN ARYA, Hello Dr Sharma, I have frequent urination been one year i am very disturbed with it, its been one urine i have back pain as well, i took some medicine that was fine but it is started again and my whole time is destroyed now i am so frustrate of it, whenever i came out to the washroom after urinate, within 2 minutes i feel it again and it effects me at night alot please please please advise me something. Same problem here pls help me if u know any medication, Dr.Sharma, I am an 68 year old male having frequent urination problem since about 3yrs now. I have an overactive bladder for the last two years. When I was 40 I went to doctors I am taking treatment from age of 40 but no relief. I can’t control the urge of urine once it starts it’s tough to hold even for few minutes in case I have told it start sweeting or water in eyes and I feel as if it’s leaking beyond in control. Kindly advise some medicine. 1c (Twice a day): Frequent, profuse and watery or milky urine. Recently abdomen scanning carried out and and results are Bladder :well distended no calculi Prostate : 30x25x43mm(24Gms).upperlimit of normalsize Right kidney:80x42mm no calculi no hydronephrosis.Left kidney:89x46mm no calculi no hydronephrosis. I am never saified that my rectum is clear . Can you tell from where you are taking treatment for your wife.sarita, Good evening Dr. Pl.suggest a homeo dilution for hyperactive bladder of my wife aged 50 years. Dear sir. she had mile condition: disturbing concern currently is her inability to control herself for toileting. Blood test also normal. However my symptons got worse in the last year and I get up sometime 11 times at night and also go to the toilet a lot during the day. As requested I have already sent my scanning reports to you by e mail, My wife age 40 yrs cough and snezzing time urine niklda hai unj v urine control nahi hunda urine tine bauht tez soeed te pajna painda hai please koi best medicine daso, Sir iam 38yrs female from July 2020after uti treatment iam suffering from urinary urge,always bladder fullness after urination &waiting for fewdrops.scan& uroflomatery normal .last 5months my life was horrible. Causticum also helps in strengthening the bladder sphincter and in controlling urinary incontinence. After release from hospital,he lost control over his urine. In the recent 1 month i have certain condition where i have to keep urinating as soon as i drink water and the frequency is very often until the entire water i have drunk has been urinated.

Acidum phos. The urine is perfectly white and very rarely if i have not hydrated myself for a while it is pale yellow.

Last three day we noticed that she is going bathroom frquently. You know the feeling—that odd sensation something isn’t quite right “down there.” Then you start to feel the urging, the pain … and you know you’ve got the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI). if I sleep better nighttime no urge.pls help me, sir I have suffered from problems of frequent urination for 2 months (14 times in 24 hours).

Please sir advise me what medicìne we Will use. No problem was found. Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. I was very active going to the gym almost daily until the pandemic. Can you help. I have had digestive problems b ut require no medication.