Instagram has become home to over 300 million users in the four years it’s been around, and it seems ready to only get bigger. So do well-written stories. When you compliment a girl whether she is an acquaintance, your best friend, or your wife, you want her to feel better about herself. Instagram is such a huge platform to gain exposure for your work, especially when you are a photographer who knows that their work is amazing. I live on the west coast, so I know I’m already posting late for my east coast followers when I share a photo at 8 a.m. While nobody is expecting you to rival National Geographic photographers right off the bat, you should pay close attention to what you’re sharing. "Excuse me, sunset, but you're in the way of looking at my beautiful bestie. Instagram may lend itself to a snap-and-post style of photography, but producing excellent photographs doesn’t. ", 36. It isn’t ever meant to be an insult. "How is it that you can make a phone selfie look like it was taken at a professional photo shoot? Due to this, your response should be quick and short, though you can include an emoji or two if you want. At the end of each journey remains one lesson that can always be learned better: to #love with an open and humble heart and to let go of whatever pain has tied one to memories that belong in the past. 1) Great artists only show great work The difference between a good artist and a great artist is that great artists only show great work . These are ideally based on the time when most of the people leisurely scroll through their social media feeds. Research has shown that when we do something kind, our brains release oxytocin, the "hug hormone" that makes us feel really good. It’s very appreciating…. If you are the one who wants to impress girls by comment on girl pic, then you can pick comments from this post and paste in her comment section. The procedure to set up an Instagram photography profile is fairly simple. Editor's note: We prefer Buffer for scheduling. "This look deserves an applause [hand clap emojis]. Eventually, don’t forget to use Instagram’s search function to discover a list of valuable new ideas and the number of posts related. Make posts that are relevant to your target audience. If you are using props from certain brands that are running their own page on Instagram, it is good to tag them in your posts. It’s an excellent way to update your portfolio with minimal effort. Here you can share stories, photos and even short videos here in Instagram. Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team, #Instagram #PromoteYourPictures #SocialMedia. The thing about growing up male is that a lot of us don't have a strong background in verbally expressing just how much someone or something means to us. A post shared by Imagely (@imagely) on Dec 20, 2018 at 6:29am PST. Like many other things in life, the only way to figure out what works for you is by trying out many different options. Also, be sure to check out their wall mural made out of floppy disks!” – Image and quote by @localwanderer. Studies show that images work the same all throughout the week, with a slight bonus on Monday and Thursdays. As if that’s not enough, using a dSLR will let you shoot in RAW, allowing you to make those photos really pop in the editing process. We all know how great it is to receive a compliment. However, the more detailed the compliment, the more detailed your response should be. We know that for a professional photographer this was extremely frustrating as composition is such an integral part of your presentation - as important as the chosen subject or camera. Want to take it a step further? Target by key demographic information: gender, age, and location. In a nutshell: Instagram is a paradise for photographers. Remember that Instagram can shut down your profile at any time. Mesmerizing, That’s the idol to worship if you’re idle, Your smile is so cute and beautiful that even God gives you every chance to smile, Always Keep smiling always dear, you look so cute and beautiful when you smile, OMG! ", 11. When you find work you like, leave a thoughtful compliment and follow them.