Even if our client ends up calling us in the middle of the night, our staff will be there to assist them and go out of their way to handle their requests.”. “So, as a first step, we need to set up proper material testing facilities near mines and companies that ensure quality raw material, because not every manufacturer can afford to directly source from the mine, and even if they do, they still cannot control the quality.”, Hassan further laments that a tile in Pakistan will sell for a higher price only if the design is good and will be sold extremely cheap if the design is old or not according to the customer’s demand, even if the tiles are of exactly the same quality. Becoming the market leaders in Pakistan. The company has grown so much since that it has investments in machinery and equipment manufacturing, defense, chemistry, electrical appliances, energy, information technology, transportation, tourism, and food industries, compromising 17 companies across these sectors. Editors: Zaman Khan I Jawad Zulfiqar I Muhammad Faran Bukhari l Abdullah Niazi I Mariam Zermina I Ahmad Saad I “We at Kale are on a mission to move beyond from just being the market leaders in the imported tile segment. Kale works on a flagship store model often followed by multinational firms that want to keep quality, price and availability in check along with a global brand identity. Copyright © 2020. KP Minerals dept collects Rs1.10bn in Q1FY21, Sindh traders to resist ‘impractical’ business timings, Traders to resume onion export as prices drop 50pc, Punjab govt, CPEC Authority agree to promote agriculture research, Five rules to help you plan for a retirement income, Natural gas pricing will likely incorporate the higher cost of LNG…, Coronavirus lockdowns hit Karam Ceramics hard, Why the tobacco industry is loudly calling for a crackdown on…, Strong year for TRG Pakistan in a banner year for its…, COD Rules: How to reduce rejection at the doorstep, The government needs to stop embarrassing itself, Creativity can be a brand’s greatest asset. But that is not enough. Kale Group provides its products to consumers in over 100 countries via more than 400 sales points. Hassan credits his success to the various projects they have undertaken since launch which include Packages Mall, Hameed Latif Hospital, Crescent Bay by Emaar in Karachi, Miniso Stores, and current projects that include Penta Square, DHA Business Hub, Malam Jabba Ski Resort, and Nishat Apartments among many other projects. Layout: Rizwan Ahmad I Amir Jalal I Ahmed Salahuddin I Kashif Hussain l Imran Nisar I Video Editor: Talha Farooqi I Fawad Shakeel I Photographers: Zubair Mehfooz & Imran Gillani I Hassan says that it is a famous saying within the tile industry that you might finish all your production during the day and by the end of the day you might come to know that all of your tiles are defective and it is nothing more than a graveyard of defective tiles. If we want Pakistan to become a tourist country, we need to beautify our cities.”. We are thrilled to transform our Karaköy building, which once hosted our first head office, into yet another very meaningful center:the Kale Design and Arts Center (KTSM). There are no labs to test the raw material and even the slightest change can be disastrous for tile manufacturers. That is the importance of design in this sector. He says that he always wanted to be in the B2C (business to consumer) segment rather than B2B (business to business) and at the time the construction industry seemed like the perfect choice. Meanwhile, Kale itself uses 2% of its entire global sales on research and development and employs a team of 70 people within the R&D department along with a state-of-the-art design house in Italy that only works to constantly improve designs. “Currently in Pakistan we have both financial and political uncertainty,” says Hassan, adding, “We are now booking projects in dollars because of the jumping dollar rates and for retail clients the exchange rate has already eaten our profits and we are barely breaking even”. Tile Shop in Paarden Eiland. Hassan also believes that there is great potential for tiles exports. Kale and Ikea collaborated in the redesign of IKEA Turkey stores. In 2014, it established its offices in Lahore and in 2016 with its first shipment Kale went into business with just one store in Lahore. Kale’s single location plant is also the largest manufacturing plant in the world. Challenges and opportunities? KALES TILES. But Kale and the man in charge in Pakistan think that this number can very soon change for the better. localization is the key and high time. Building a house is an opportunity that, for most people, only comes once in a lifetime. Nonetheless, despite such huge exports and strong diplomatic and trade ties between Turkey and Pakistan, Turkish tiles had next to no share in the Pakistani tile market. In Asia alone, China and Iran use and manufacture most of the tiles at 3.55 and 3.49 square metres per capita, followed by Malaysia at 3.17, Turkey at 2.70 and Indonesia at 1.56. Moreover, Hassan argues that the government’s policies are not stable which create uncertainty and uncertainty is the worst for investors and businesses. We need to do the same for Pakistan. Hassan believes that our people have now become accustomed to evading taxes, but it is of utmost importance that illegal money and undeclared assets come into the regulated economy for the betterment of the country, and the current amnesty scheme might actually do the job. Unlike these suppliers, Kale has full authority over the stock and the designs because they are the manufacturers and have full control over supply.