With or without them, though, he has the strength to subdue the crew. Another big advantage is the fact that Vision can turn intangible, which would allow him to avoid many of Superman's attacks. His armor gives him major power and his deep knowledge of magic can definitely take a toll on Superman, no matter how hard he tries. Emperor Doom (from 2015's Secret Wars) is the perfect villain, merging his mastery over both magic (to take down Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman) and science (which won't bode well for Batman or Cyborg). His mystical armor and force field also give him an edge, and would protect him from Supes' heat vision at very least. Superman is the one expected to provide most resistance, but all it would take is a well-refined techno organic virus to put him on ice, or perhaps simply making Supes serve him as his new War. He can easily take down the League on the astral plane, although Batman and Wonder Woman would prove mentally tough to crack. He is millennia-old and has a vast amount of experience to bring into play against Superman. The Surfer has incredible cosmic power within him, giving him untold strength and energy manipulation powers.

Owen prefers a much more “normal” life, and often sits out major conflicts as he’s afraid of how his powers might make things worse. How he fares against magic is yet to be seen but with the entire world enveloped by dark magic, it'll be a lot to handle.

Thus, if they went toe-to-toe, it’s probably the doppelganger that would take down the original.

He can use a variety of spells and energies to take Superman down and hurt him badly. & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About Her, Valiant: 5 Fights Bloodshot Won (& 5 Times He Lost), Every X-Men Character Who's Defeated Wolverine (In Chronological Order), 5 Ways Deadpool Could Defeat Black Widow In A Fight (& 5 Couldn't), DC Future State: Every New Title In The Justice League Family (& Their Release Date), Marvel: The First 10 Mutants Introduced In The X-Men Comics (In Chronological Order), Legion Of Super-Heroes: 10 Best Costumes From The '70s, Batman: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Cassandra Cain's Time As Batgirl. Reed would hack Cyborg and use his Mother Box tech to open up portals for attacks from all walks of the galaxy. She is capable of tapping into energies that could blow a moon in half and often finds herself needing to hold back for fear of destroying those around her.

I also write about music in terms of punk, indie, hardcore and emo because well, they rock! Whenever the toughest figure in comic books is mentioned, Superman often comes to mind. Gladiator is their long-time leader and powerhouse who’s stronger than half the team put together. On the geek side of things, I write about comics, cartoons, video games, television, movies and basically, all things nerdy. The man even became ruler of Hell for a bit, which proves he’s got the power to give Superman a harsh ride. He also has demonic wraiths, superhuman strength, shape and size shifting, illusion generation, memory manipulation and time alteration as tools to deploy. Doom gets away with kryptonite and also using his diplomatic immunity as ruler of Latveria. If the war happens on Earth, the likes of Batman and Cyborg would be overpowered. The fact that the man is a brilliant genius of the highest order and a cunning strategist makes him dangerous. He's from an alternate Earth and is difficult to control at the best of times, so throwing him into the DCEU would be like the second coming of Zod, but even worse. Superman would try to see the good in him while Loki would be running rings around him with his schemes, tricks and more. Ghost Rider would be an intriguing opponent for Superman. She could do the same and take out Alfred, Cyborg's father, Mera or Iris West. With everything from magical flames to an army of Mindless Ones, Dormammu can overwhelm Superman with his power before going in for the final blow.

Even during a fight, Reed would be busy putting together clues on how he can handle Superman. There’s also his hammer, which not only packs a serious punch but can call down mystical lightning to hit Ka-El. Given that he couldn't take out Doomsday without dying and that he struggled to beat Zod, Galactus may well prove to be in another league to the Justice Leaguer. Robert Reynolds has the "power of one million exploding suns," due to a special serum.

However, Zack Snyder's Doomsday and the Kryptonian army that Zod led are the only ones we think mounted a really major challenge.

He would probably then raise Superman to do his bidding. More importantly is how Loki is the greatest schemer alive, a genius at trickery and games who would adore the challenge of taking on someone as noble as Superman. This fight would be the unstoppable force against the immovable object. Obviously, with the Infinity Gauntlet, this fight could be over before it even starts. Reality, space and time will be under his control, so he would be overpowered enough to deal with the best of the Justice League and claim a victory for the ages. If you want a DCEU civil war, she's the one to call as death usually tests a hero's virtue. it worked for The Hulk! A lab accident made Owen Reece the most powerful human in the Marvel multiverse. Superman always sees the good in others but that may not be enough to deal with the twisted Mephisto. Cyborg's metal frame and Batman's weapons would be no match for him, and Reece could easily lodge Flash or Aquaman in portals to keep them away from battle. His arrogant nature makes him so likeable though, and the thing is, despite his narcissism, he thinks he's usually doing right by mankind.

Also, her military background gives her an additional edge needed to take Superman down, and the will to take him out permanently.

Superman can hit him with just about anything he has and all it will do is tick him off. In the cartoons, we saw the likes of Trigon and Morgaine le Fey wreak this kind of havoc, and in the DCEU, someone who can use energy projection, matter manipulation, teleportation, possession and necromancy can up this supernatural game. The Sentry is an obvious Superman analog in the Marvel Universe. It has been touched on when DC and Marvel did crossover events, but more often than not, his fights have come to a standstill.