"The owners were struck by the dramatic experience of approach and arrival, where the edge of a cliff falls away and reveals a panoramic view of the forested valley below," explains KieranTimberlake of the couple's desire to recreate the initial discovery experience. The sofa also functions as a pull-out bed, while its cushions can be used indoors as well as outside on the deck furniture, as the textile is actually a durable outdoor fabric.. The master bedroom is enclosed in glass, and connects to the outdoors via massive pivot doors. Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, this floor lamp features an extruded and anodized aluminum articulated arm structure in a brilliantly polished finish. Service Area: Western U.S. All-in-cost: $300 - $400 per sqft. When Clive McCarthy and his wife, Tricia Bell, were on the hunt for an escape from San Francisco, they found the perfect spot for their second home three hours north of the Bay Area on a 64-acre site in Willits. © 2020 Dwell Life, Inc. All rights reserved. Our modern style prefab houses are designed and built in the United States. Even in frugal times—perhaps even because of them—we’re all craving just a little more room. The flat roof features deep overhangs to shield the interior from solar heat gain. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, The firm came up with a prefabricated guest suite and. But fear not: here, we’ve gathered some of the most trustworthy, dependable companies that design and fabricate prefab homes throughout the state. One volume houses the great room that is oriented for views of the valley, while the master bedroom and study located in the other volume face northern views of the canyon. From fast production time to energy savings, the benefits of prefabricated. With an elevation of 2,300 feet and dramatic valley views, the landscape was primed for a dramatically different style of housing from the couple’s main residence—a renovated industrial space in the Mission District. "The factory-built modules were carefully transported up winding roads and set in place without harming a single tree," adds the firm. Thanks to its modular construction, a modern retreat treads lightly on the pristine landscape. Using off-site modular construction to minimize waste and ensure precision, the architects crafted a 2,580-square-foot main house with two secluded 290-square-foot guest cabins. Choose from beautiful prefab design styles with the widest variety of floor plans in the industry. And while we’re at it, how about separate quarters for a boomerang kid or visiting in-laws? The interior of the modular cottage emphasizes double-duty furnishings that maximize space. The structures start at $11,500 for the 10- by 12-foot unit and $31,000 for the 12- by 25-foot one. A spectacular southeast-facing view greets guests in the great room. Modern, flexible and elegant, the Cabana 600 works great as an accessory dwelling unit, or extra space to an existing home.With a standard full size kitchen, the Cabana 600 is … Thanks to its modular construction, a modern retreat treads lightly on the pristine landscape. A beautiful, safe, sustainable home is the best investment you'll ever make. of Sunset Publishing Corporation. Minimizing site disturbance was a priority, and so the duo tapped KieranTimberlake to design their retreat—which they would soon call High Horse Ranch—after learning about the Philadelphia–based firm’s work with prefabricated housing. Builder / General Contractor: Buckeye Construction, Moderna Homes. In a state where the weather ranges from the dry, arid heat of the Mojave Desert to the snowy mountaintops of Lake Tahoe, it can be difficult to imagine prefab homes that suit the broad range of climates—and clients!—that can be found in California. Subscribe to Dwell+ to get everything you already love about Dwell, plus exclusive home tours, video features, how-to guides, access to the Dwell archive, and more. The interior of the modular cottage emphasizes double-duty furnishings that maximize space. ModularHomes.com in California has over 396 floor plans from 10 manufacturers to browse. Get fresh recipes, wine pairings, weekend getaway ideas, regional gardening tips, home design inspiration, and more. © 2020 Dwell Life, Inc. All rights reserved. Its clean, graceful lines look as fresh today as they did when this Eames classic was first introduced. Reclaimed Douglas fir lines the 11-foot-tall ceilings, while stone-tiled floors with built-in radiant heating are located underfoot. The sofa also functions as a pull-out bed, while its cushions can be used indoors as well as outside on the deck furniture, as the textile is actually a durable outdoor fabric. Example of Work: Elemental 4 … The Details. Find a modular home you love and reach out to any of our 11 California retailers for a quote on pricing. Shop new modular homes in California from top quality manufacturers and local builders. The property offers 64 acres of varied terrain, including an open meadow, manzanita thickets, and forests full of oak, madrone, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine. SUNSET is a registered trademark We feature the best modern prefab houses that include metal and steel elements. The main house comprises two primary and 11 secondary modules organized into two offset bars. Homes feature modern designs and range in size from 655 square feet to 3,500 square feet. Node Eco Prefab Homes. (818) 991-1660 info@newwesthomes.com Modern PreFab. All three flat-roofed buildings are clad in weathering steel expanded metal rainscreens, while floor-to-ceiling operable glass walls bring the outdoors in. expand the living space, making the prefab home and its surroundings function as a great model of minimalist indoor-outdoor living. The cabins include a bedroom and bathroom, a study desk, a  covered porch and a fire pit. Using a patented system-built approach, Proto Homes are assembled with industry-tested, quality materials in half the time and up to half the cost of traditional builds. "In contrast to their introverted loft, High Horse Ranch was designed to be outwardly focused and defined by the site, its views, and the natural landscape," says KieranTimberlake. Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of precision–engineered, prefabricated, modern structures. A glimpse through the main house from the living area to the study area beyond. The firm came up with a prefabricated guest suite and home office that work separately as versatile bonus spaces, yet are connected by a breezeway and shade-providing willow panel in between. "Accordingly, the design was driven by their early vision of the guest experience: a long, climbing drive; a short, shaded walk to a sheltered welcoming area; and then, upon entering the house and rounding a corner, taking in the view.". ... Prefab homes are all the rage in the home industry, but finding... Read More. Not an over-the-top home addition, but a bit more square footage for a quiet work area that nurtures creativity and efficiency. Each cabin was assembled from single, mostly completed modules craned into place and raised atop concrete piers. Every modern prefab house completed by Clever Homes is certifiable as green and features components with a high recycled content and cradle-to-cradle life cycle certifications. In the guest cabin, a sliding wall of glass opens the bedroom up to views of the forest. The Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair has a high back, relaxed pitch, and padded headrest. Service Area: Western U.S. All-in-cost: $300 - $400 per sqft. Example of Work: Elemental 4 … Modest sanity-saving, soul-feeding spaces were just what we had in mind when we partnered with Modern Cabana, a San Francisco, California–based prefab firm, and other sponsors to create our modular, eco-friendly Modern Cottage Idea House.