Buying expensive knife skins such as the ones mentioned on this list is not something that everyone can afford and whether it is worth buying one of these expensive knives comes down to the matter of personal opinion. The rarest of these is the Blue Gem Case Hardened. It should show the yellow, dark red and blue colors along the whole knife, with no grey colors visible. At the lowest end, Blue Gems will cost you between $500-$1,000. The tip of the knife will contain a good amount of blue on it. Links on steamcommunity attached. So to help you find the most expensive knife skins in CS: GO here is a complete list of the costliest CS: GO knife Skins. A knife that will cost upwards of $1,500 - $2,000 and solidify your inventory as the envy of all your friends. Explore 7 of the best CSGO cases to open for your pleasure Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CS:GO competitive scene remains exciting as usual. Due to how not only is this a Factory New Karambit, which is rare in itself, but also a rare version of one, the Ruby Dopplers are up there with the rarest knives in the game. Most Expensive CSGO Knife Skins in 2020. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. When equipped with StatTrak and in factory new condition, this weapon is available for purchase for upwards of $900. As it often does, the M9 Bayonet led the charge with what kind of knife CS:GO players wanted to see the finish on. Total CS:GO is not affiliated with Valve Corporation, or Counter-Strike. The same can be said for the Crimson Web pattern. The design of the knife itself consists of a black handle and a red blade with a black spider web pattern which makes it look like a weapon that may cause some serious damage, and is definitely a knife that anyone would be proud to own. StatTrak Karambit Fade in factory new condition is definitely among the top 10 best skins in CSGO and as such, Karambit Fade can get you some serious money on Steam and other markets. The most straightforward way to get the cheapest knife in CSGO is to go to the Steam Marketplace and buy it with money from a valid payment method or with your Steam Wallet funds. And oh, it’s a pricey one. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive CSGO knife skins that are available in the game. The overall design of the butterfly knife is beautiful and curvey, and the sapphire hue on the blade is perfectly contrasted with the overall black design. Slaughters may have taken a drop in popularity with the influx of so many new skin finishes in the last few years, but these rarity’s are still likely to be priced a decent bit above market price, in the region of $500 - $1,000. This article focused on some of the most expensive CSGO skins, specifically CSGO knives and the information around them. September 4, 2020. Since many people buy expensive knives and keep them in their collections, the supply of such knives only keeps getting smaller as fewer of these are sold on the market, which means that their price is only getting higher. For that amount of money, you can probably find somewhere a real 16 … Case Hardened skins are very rare and unique, in fact, they are so unique that every case hardened skin is different due to the amount of visible blue hue. If you don't, so here we have The updated list of the top 10 Most Expensive CSGO Skin.The updated list of the top 10 Most Expensive CSGO … Knife skins that have StatTrak technology on the and are in good condition can be sold for a lot more than those without such commodities. The karambit knife is considered to be a generally expensive skin, and regardless of the actual skin design of the knife, or the condition, this curved blade has been known to very expensive on both the Steam market and other third-party markets as well. The look of the blade simply screams that you are somebody who shouldn’t be messed with, and the Gamma Doppler design improves on this concept with the simple pure black design and a greenish glow. Uniquely deep in its colors and with a contrast in the red and black that you won’t find elsewhere, it’s the fusion of two masters of their categories.