Remember when he wrote himself as ~the most successful author in the world~ or whatever? Mat: 8/10. Does the Queen of Hearts even have a heart?! I dont wanna bang either Leopolds tbh. THERE IS NOT MUCH TO SAY EXCEPT OH HELL YES SHERIFF. 100% not necessary, and a 100% pass from me. Category:Male characters | Once Upon a Time Fanon Wiki | Fandom. I would fuck the shit out of him. My main memory of Sidney is that he was kinda pathetic around Regina which was not exactly hot. He was cute but totally miscast as Hercules. I did not dig Jefferson’s dramatic scarves so I cannot give him a higher rating, but Sebastian Stan could wear rags and I’d still think he’s bangin’. Rumplestiltskin, otherwise knows as Mr. Gold, might as well be called the mastermind behind everything. It’s hard to avoid comparing him to Hook, and he’s no Hook. He didn’t deserve to die and I was so sad that Emma lost him… but I mean I’ll gladly find him. Once Upon a Time Wiki. Mat: -1000/10. A simple enough topic: which Once character do you find the most attractive? He can Jekyll my Hyde any day. I was into it, OK? While we loved watching Emilie de Ravin's Belle fall for her master and see beyond looks, we haven't been as riveted by the rest of her storyline. He has continued to grace the show with his presence off and on, and we adored him because he was instrumental in getting Emma Swan to believe in fairy tales. Michelle: BRUH/10. Usually the brains behind every operation, her strange relationship with Rumplestiltskin isn't exactly rivaling "Captain Swan" (the best couple on the show in our opinion). Hilary Duff has wild cravings and more celebrity pics from November 2020 that will make you LOL. Queen Regina, best known as the Evil Queen, landed a high ranking because we just love to hate her. Once Upon a Time Fanon Wiki. Games Movies TV Video. Mat: 4/10. Worst villain the show has ever seen. double crossing people. But I can’t be the only one who feels like Emma definitely TRADED UP from Bae to Hook, right? I am still so mad. (-1000). Michelle: 7/10. Michelle: 1/10. Her relentless desire to control her daughter seemed to drive all of her devious behavior, but she still makes the list because we know deep down she really did want the best for Regina… up until her death at the hand of Snow White. Mat: 7/10. Want a hot guy in your inbox every weekday? I don’t want to be crushed, thank you. Once Upon a Time. And he BUILT. Mat: 9.5/10. I MEAN, C'MON. Rumple is the worst - manipulative, abusive, selfish - and he never, ever changes. squashing hats. Characters… I would absolutely fuck the Dragon and so would you. His mind is swept, and he has no clue what is going on. YES. Jenna: 8/10. I like my men like I like my coffee, kinda psychotic and also a twin, so Charming's evil brother really works for me. Michelle: 2/10. Register Start a Wiki. Once Upon a Time Wiki. Games Movies TV Video. There is only room for one sad-looking motherfucker in this relationship and I’m sorry that role is taken by yours truly. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Jenna: 7/10. Like, too much moose. Tinkerbell I wouldn't do a male catagory for personal reasons but if I had to pick, I'd say Merlin. There are so many white men on this show who look like him, it’s hard to keep up. Mat: 8.69/10. Yeah August is hot, but his neckerchief makes me think he'd write you a poem or something and ugh I'm not so into that. He’d definitely be fun to get drunk with but grumpy is not my fave personality trait. Mat: 9/10. Y'ALLLLLLL. Evil me up, Mr. Hyde, evil me up indeed. YEAH I DEFINITELY WOULD. Jenna: 8/10. Being small. Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, is quite literally the savior of ABC's "Once Upon a Time." We love him for his undying love and belief in fairy tales — and we're slightly jealous his life is entangled with so many fascinating, amazing ones. I wanna pull that sword out of MY stone. Literally just one point for him as a human and one point for him as a cricket. Michelle: 8.5/10. No. Jefferson, aka the Mad Hatter, is portrayed by Sebastian Stan. I give him half a mark because he could light his hair on fire. Ohhh I was. Jenna: -1000/10. Which Male Once Upon a Time Character are you? Like Bae was GREAT but Hook is the BANANAS. Michelle: 5/10. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use, Teresa says she's still technically married to Joe, plus more celeb love life updates this week, Here's all the biggest royals news you need to know for November, Find out what Dominic West, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Dodd and more stars did to make our celebrity turkeys of 2020 list. Michelle: 7/10. OsmoPatsy. ;) ;) ;). We're not going to lie, Dr. Hopper got ranked higher mainly because we're obsessed with his dog — Pongo the Dalmatian. Mat: 0/10. Register ... Sherlock and Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Games Movies TV Video. And so well-spoken. Mat: 10,000/10. Guys no. I’ll take Sidney if he sits in a mirror all day and tells me what I want to hear. He's the main reason I'm still watching this show tbh. Mat: 6/10. Mat: 7/10. IS MERLIN STILL A TREE? ;) Anyway Liam’s episodes are always such a draaag but he’s hot and I’m cool with that. Who's the fairest of them all? Haha .69 get it. Having them be a male only species that hatch from eggs was a good way to say: these are not humans.