Up to 32 processors, 384 cores with more than 3,000 CPU threads, and 48 TB of DDR4 memory allows customers to reduce data center complexity by consolidating demanding workloads. The goal is to give you a better understanding of the plethora of performance relevant events that a SPARC M8 CPU can measure or count. Xscf reference manual for xcp version 109x (552 pages), Netra sparc s7-2 series; sparc series cloud servers (90 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Server Oracle SPARC Enterprise M3000 Getting Started Manual, Server Oracle Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Reference Manual, Server Oracle SPARC Enterprise M4000 Installation Manual, Server Oracle SPARC Enterprise M4000 Installation And Service Manual, Server Oracle sparc M5-32 Installation Manual, Server Oracle SPARC T5-8 Getting Started Manual, Server Oracle Netra SPARC S7-2 Series Administration Manual, Server Oracle SPARC T5-4 Installation Manual, Server Oracle SPARC Administration Manual, Server Oracle EXADATA X6-2 Installation And Configuration Manual, Server Oracle Sun Fire X4470 Product Notes, Server Oracle Sun Fire X2270 M2 Installation Manual. Built-in Software in Silicon features, such as Silicon Secured Memory, increase developer productivity and software quality by automatically detecting memory access errors such as buffer overflows. All rights reserved. Refer to the Important Safety Information for Oracle's Hardware Systems and the SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8 Servers Safety and Compliance Guide to review the important safety and compliance information. Une telle intégration serait logique pour réduire les coûts et expliquerait la réduction des capacités NUMA des nouveaux serveurs. Data analytics accelerators speed up Oracle Database In-Memory queries, allowing customers to quickly analyze OLTP databases. Contact an Oracle expert about Oracle SPARC servers. Multiple logical domains allow customers to efficiently allocate resources and increase application availability. With the Sparc M8, Oracle is cutting back the NUMA scale to eight sockets, and the memory capacity is cut back by the same proportion, from 32 TB with the Sparc M5 and M6 and 16 TB with the Sparc M7 to only 8 TB with the Sparc M8. Il souligne également les nouvelles capacités cryptographiques de sa puce et ses mécanismes de défense contre les attaques. Scale-out solutions implemented with SPARC S7 servers increase customer value with high security, performance, and reliability using Software in Silicon features not found in commodity systems. The House of Larry Ellison unveiled the fifth-generation successor to the fourth-generation SPARC M7, along with five server models, and a commitment to support its Solaris operating system for at least another 17 years. In the event of failover, the SNMP agent is restarted on the newly assigned PDomain SP. Il faut pour cela ajouter une carte PCIe optionnelle qui inclue un commutateur PCIe. 1 or 2 Oracle SPARC S7 processors per server with up to 1 TB of memory give companies a choice of cost-effective configurations. All rights reserved.

Il en a profité pour amener une précision sur le support de Solaris. Utilisez des synonymes pour le mot clé que vous avez tapé, par exemple, essayez “application” au lieu de “logiciel”. Étudiez les caractéristiques de performance des serveurs Oracle SPARC T8-1. Read about SPARC server customer successes (PDF).

Servers Copyright 2007 - 2020, TechTarget Oracle SPARC servers are optimized to run Oracle Database, Java applications, and enterprise workloads more efficiently, making them the best option for UNIX workloads.

Each core can handle 8 threads for up to 256 threads. Learn about Oracle SPARC server reliability, availability, and serviceability (PDF).