Making an olive oil cake is actually incredibly simple, in fact if I didn’t have to worry about moving a camera around for all the different shots I would have been able to assemble this recipe in under 15 minutes. Sunken middle can mean over mixed or just needs a few extra minutes in the oven, or even something completely different. To finish incorporating them completely, you can once again set your mixer to low speed for only a few seconds to finish. Do you think it would work out well if I substituted the ap flour for almond flour then the almond meal for coconut flour? Generously sprinkle with salt and pepper. Sharing is seen as a privilege and a duty. They have tons of different flours, grains, legumes, etc. xo, Your email address will not be published. Pour your batter into the parchment lined 9 inch round cake pan. This was my first time ever using olive oil in a cake. We love the combination of olive oil and ricotta in this cake and do not find the olive oil flavour over-powering, so we recommend that you follow the recipe as written. Using an electric mixer, whip the ricotta until light and airy, about 2 minutes. Baked at 350F, ready after 37 minutes (checked with instant thermometer). So, in a way, to express philotomo is to be a friend of honour, or perhaps it means to honour your friend. I am all about anything lemon. Rub in with your fingers to help incorporate and release the oils from the lemon zest. They are impossibly moist and tender, with a bright lemon flavor and sweet-tart lemon glaze.. For a regular size loaf cake, check out this recipe for Lemon Olive Oil … Thank you Vicky!! Philotomo is our parents, inviting a young Greek man that they had met only briefly, into our home and our lives. Unglazed loaves can be frozen for up to two months. I guessed at 400 and burnt the cake.. , Oh good grief!! Living alone in the city (his parents were in Greece) our parents felt compelled to help, in any way they could. Whisk well to ensure and clumps are removed. In a medium size bowl sift together your flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and vanilla powder (if you are using vanilla extract instead, see next step). Feel free to get creative with additional toppings or add more lemon or salt to build your perfect meal. ★☆ For a regular size loaf cake, check out this recipe for Lemon Olive Oil Loaf Cake. Store the loaves in an air-tight container at room temperature for up to 4 days. We’re so sorry that you ended up burning your cake!! You can do it by simply sprinkling on some powdered sugar, or you can get fancy and decorate it up with some whipped cream, lemon slices and fresh mint. I’m sure you could, but the hydration amount would obviously change a bit. When well combined, add the ricotta and olive oil. Learn how your comment data is processed. Interesting. Keywords: lemon bread, lemon cake, olive oil cake, quick bread, small cakes, mini, holiday recipe, Tag @ofbatteranddough on Instagram and hashtag it #ofbatteranddough. I feel like back 5-7 years ago when I started using it, that it was the only one on the shelf. Slice using a sharp bread knife. From there it’s as simple as transferring it to a spring form pan, or grease cake pan, and baking it. Put together a classic Italian dessert in 15 minutes with our Olive Oil & Ricotta Pound Cake recipe. If they had only one loaf of bread, or only a few eggs or small bowl of olives, it didn’t matter. This can definitely be made ahead of time. I am just popping in to share this recipe for Cranberry Ricotta Olive Oil Loaf Cake.