T-Mobile 5G coverage map. No roaming. Sprint Drive 2GB/Mo Plan: Sprint 4G LTE data only. SD video streams up to 480p, music up to 500 kbps, gaming up to 2 Mbps. Chicago, from the historic IL-64 in the north to Stevenson Expressway in the south, and as far as California Avenue in the west to the periphery of Lake Michigan in the east. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series, as well as the LG V60 5G, are confirmed to work with both the Sprint and T-Mobile 5G … T-Mobile already has an interactive 5G coverage map ready to go. Sprint Drive Unlimited Plan: Sprint 4G LTE data only. Here is a short summary of the cities where Sprint has 5G coverage: Atlanta, from College Park to Alpharetta, and from Marietta to Lawrenceville, including Peachtree Corners. 600MHz coverage available now: T-Mobile has kicked off largely nationwide 5G over its 600MHz spectrum holdings.While the carrier is not doing market-by-market announcements, it … When it comes to 5G coverage maps, T-Mobile’s (which is now also Sprint’s) is the most impressive, with coverage in all 50 states. This tool provides high-level estimates of our wireless coverage. Verizon 5G availability. One thing to note about T-Mobile’s 5G network is that the speeds are slower than Verizon’s 5G speeds—by a lot. You are viewing coverage that includes Sprint coverage and roaming. Not only that, but all states except Alaska have 5G coverage in multiple cities. The carrier will launch 5G in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Kansas City in May, followed by Houston, LA, New York, Phoenix, and Washington a little later, Sprint CTO John Saw said. Now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, our network is bigger and better than ever. Sprint also offers 5G coverage in a limited capacity within specific U.S. cities A ton of smaller carriers (MVNOs) operate on Sprint's network , giving you the same coverage In the U.S., there are four dominant networks: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. T-Mobile is also deploying its 5G network on what used to be Sprint’s spectrum following the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. Cruise Ships Rates & Carriers Shop for this device Print map. MHS reduced to 2G speeds after data allowance. Coverage is not available everywhere and varies based on a number of factors. After 60 minutes of idle time, hotspot may automatically turn off. No roaming. Explore our 5G and 4G LTE coverage map and check availability in your area!