In middle school, there’s more homework, it becomes more difficult and it requires analytical skills your child may not have developed yet. The lessons taught in middle school are building blocks for high school and college. Helping your child keep track of time spent studying — rather than staring at a blank page — will help him think about how he’s using his time. He can then plan a realistic schedule, building in study breaks after subjects that are most challenging, and allowing for soccer games and band practice. You don’t skip sports practice to do homework- you prepare for both events. It’s important to build this sort of instruction into our curriculum as well! A comfortable chair that is the right height for writing or typing comfortably (sprawlers excluded) Access to supplies (pencils, paper, resource materials, a computer, etc.) Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub Education. Do not use the “shove” method when papers are returned, i.e. Her students often equate studying with spending time in front of a book -- and their study … They often end up staying up too late, rushing to finish, and getting overwhelmed by stress. Find your child’s exact list and in one-click purchase every item and have it delivered right to your front door. “Let your good readers read,” I told them. Maybe 10 is just fine.”, 42 up-and-coming careers that don’t require a 4-year college degree (and 10 to avoid). Help your middle schooler learn the skills she needs to stay on top of homework. Click here to sign up for the waitlist! Most students have an agenda book, but they don’t write anything in it. If your child seems unusually anxious about tests, talk to him about it. The key factors of a good study spot include: Good lighting. Ask them, and they think they’ve spent their time productively working on their project. A parent can help by serving as a child’s “external left-brain,” helping her structure the project, breaking it down in a way that seems manageable, and checking to make sure she’s on track. Studying takes time and effort. that teach middle school students how to form productive, , manage stress, and organize information to succeed at school. “Teach kids to keep themselves in mind and meet their own needs for relaxation,” Caldwell advises. Notice I wrote should AND develop. This is when my understanding, grades, and the work I created was taken to another leve. All rights reserved. In order for your child to succeed later in life, he or she will need to learn strong study skills in middle school. Then, they can have their right brain back. If someone helps you organize your papers, take the time to continue putting everything in its place. The left brain can be developed.”. In the department store aisles, there are boxes and boxes of binders, folders and organizational tools. “I had fun color-coding, organizing and using dividers, but the truth is, all that mattered was that there was a method that I stuck with.”. What are middle school students supposed to know how to do? “It’s not a deficit problem. Discussing assignments with friends is another great way to study. And it all starts on day 1. What order does your child prefer to do things? Here's how you can help your child get organized and learn to study effectively. Make sure it has adequate lighting and keep all your study supplies in reach. Good study skills can help reduce anxiety, and so can relaxation exercises and regular physical activity. A big research project will seem less overwhelming and will be less likely to be left until the last minute if it’s done in manageable chunks, each with its own deadline. Social science teacher Linda Bryan is another middle school educator who has observed a lack of study skills among her students. During goal setting, middle school students will understand the brain science behind a growth vs. fixed mindset and create goals that help them develop their personal mindset and develop their academic, organizational, and study skills. Some people have to write things down to remember them. Curious? The Top 3 Study Skills your Child Needs in Middle School Time Management and Balance. Conducted in 10-week sessions throughout the year, the Elevate, about the brain science behind their learning and development. Some of the larger binders can accommodate all classes. Whatever terminology you prefer, I want my kids to know how to do one thing at a time, and it’s not a skill they’ll pick up on their own.