Thanks for subscribing! Director John Boorman crafts a potent existential parable out of their plight (Jean-Paul Sartre would be proud) while also allowing the great Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune to rage with crowd-pleasing gusto. | Drama, Thriller, War. Sam Worthington, 153,076 Biography, Drama, History. Jean Renoir, the great humanist of cinema, cowrote and directed this superlative WWI story about two French aviators who are captured by a German captain (Erich von Stroheim, perfectly cast as a mannerly despot) and shuttled between prisons. His request denied, York proves himself on the battlefield as a singularly talented sharpshooter and wrestles with the killing gift God has given him. Young Russian soldier Alyosha earns a medal, but asks to visit his mother instead. Barry Keoghan, A cynical American expatriate struggles to decide whether or not he should help his former lover and her fugitive husband escape French Morocco. In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers coincides with a theatre owner's vengeful plans for the same. $44.91M, Approved Coppola would have the last laugh. Rediscovered in 2006 with the fanfare usually reserved for unearthing a lost classic (which was pretty much the case), Jean-Pierre Melville's cool-blue portrait of French Resistance fighters makes a beautiful case for honor among wanted men. Director: | Gross: Stars: The film's lesson is universal and timeless, though: If warfare turns us into monsters even off the battlefield, then we have no purpose waging it. Director: A young boy and his little sister struggle to survive in Japan during World War II. $5.51M, PG-13 Ryô Kase, Votes: Stars: Joe Wright It's become one of the most beloved "dad movies" of all time—but maybe Father knows best. Déjà vu! The other, meanwhile, is a rough-hewn everyguy—a charismatic ranter against the system. Yet it weaves a mesmerizing spell, from the opening image of two children digging in a field for abandoned rifles. | Gross: | | They get the job done. Part of the point of Wolfgang Peterson’s provocative drama was to make you forget that its unlikely heroes were Germans. Drama, War. 108 min Director: Stars: Is it any surprise that it comes from Stanley Kubrick? Director: 515,874 | Dunkirk is awe-inspiring and alienating, as it should be. Call it the lure of Saddam's gold. But the ultimate payoff was rare: a combat film that achieved political profundity via off-the-wall comedy. The movie has a bit of stuffiness to it: It’s a big prestige picture that won a lot of Oscars. Watch Germany Year Zero on Amazon Instant Video. RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the 100 best movies of all time. 150 min Roman Griffin Davis, 149 min Photo: Courtesy of Union Film Distributors Inc. Photo: Courtesy of Cinerama Releasing Corporation, 24. After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors of World War II. Adventure, Drama, War. George C. Scott is magnificent in the title role, railing iconically against "Hun bastards" in his opening monologue before a huge American flag. They tend to other dead animals in their small, makeshift cemetery, a poetic image that still wrecks. Watch The Thin Red Line on Amazon Instant Video. Watch Paths of Glory on Amazon Instant Video. on Amazon Instant Video. Director: Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out America LLC. Production was reportedly hellish, with director David O. Russell and star George Clooney coming to physical blows.