I’m from South Africa .So most people haven’t come across them or don’t have an interest in Korea.Lots of people here in Cape Town who know me well look down on me and think there’s something wrong with me .I’ve learnt to except the hate cause I know due to the difference in cultures lots of people are negative towards them but I find it offensive and insulting even though I’m not Asian but a white teenager when people insult them.I hate hearing people make fun of them ….to me they are beautiful people …..to be honest I find Korean idols attractive over white guys in general .I know you guys are probably gonna find me weird and betraying my race but I can’t help it .I am the way I am.Ever since I came across South Korea through music, drama’s and articles something in me just is telling me that I’m meant to be there in South Korea .It’s hard to explain the feeing inside of me .All I know is I want to make a difference by helping people with low self-esteem cause I suffer that and don’t want other people to feel they aren’t beautiful .So I want to boost people’s confidence in their appearance through make-up. Not holding doors open in the slightest (when you look behind you to give someone that extra door nudge for them to grab), instead they let it slam right in your face, everyone chews with their mouth wide open, cutting in line is pretty prevalent, however, if you sit with your legs crossed (male style) you get stared at because it’s “rude” here. Move back to your country. There are lots of different ways to say ‘What are you doing?’ in Korean, but they all have two things in common. One is ‘above’ another based on their age, their gender, and their position in the working place. Took me awhile to figure that one out! wow..those words came straight from your heart..i believe you bro..no matter how much we learn their language and love their food..they never appreciate it..thanks for the eye opening message.. Korea is a pretty fun country, but there is a serious warping of manners. So many Koreans living abroad choose to keep their citizenship and return to Korea at some point in their 20s to complete their military service. Most places tend to offer a pretty fair price to begin with, so negotiation isn’t even really needed. tia. There are a few ways to say it in Korean and it is very basic grammar you have to learn. I found a post saying 도대체 내가 뭐야? A tip in learing Korean is to keep at it and learn their Alphabet. Also, those who are not in good health are allowed to complete their military service through non-active duty. I think I would get to love it . >>Click here to go over to Korean Class 101 and start learning Korean.<<. Informal Korean is used with a close friend who is of a similar or younger age. This article will look at how to say ‘What the heck’ in Korean. This means good job prospects for English teachers, but finding a local to communicate in good English is a tall order. google_ad_width = 330; I think this question is 100% necessary when you reach some point where is really hard to make any fun stuff to talk about. In Korean bathrooms, you’ll see a bin for toilet paper. We tried getting them to change but it was too tough. Pure Korean Numbers: How to Count 1-100 in Korean #1, How to Say Pretty and Beautiful, in Korean, Sino-Korean Numbers: How to Count 1-100 in Korean #1, Neologism that Reflects the Changing Korean Culture. Virtually all of mainland Korea is roundtrippable in one day, thanks to an excellent train and express bus system. It is not perfect (like everywhere else), but it is one of the BEST places to live and visit. Health fees can be expensive in Korea so be prepared for emergencies by investing in insurance. While South Korea is quite modernized in many ways, there are some eccentricities to expect while in Korea. Don’t ask me what’s going through their minds – just avoid sleeveless shirts or spaghetti strap shirts. Equality in paying is becoming more common, but a woman might lose face if she’s the one handing over a card. Hopefully someday! This simple phrase has several meanings: It can be used to show surprise, anger, or even that you are willing to take a risk. If that is the case then its pretty nasty and kind of rude to not flush that tp. Ask around to people about where you should throw things away. Informal ‘Yes’ in Korean 1. However, if you want to read and pronounce Korean with ease, not to mention learn new vocabulary and grammar concepts quickly, then the best thing to do is to learn how to read Hangeul. You can talk to your bus driver, even if its through a translation app on your phone (still don’t see many English speaking bus drivers) and let me know your situation. (dodaeche museun mareul haneun geoni). Today, we’ll show you how to say “how are you?’ in Korean! Click here to visit Korean Class 101 to get started learning online. Objection to military service, for any reason, is not allowed and will lead to jail-time. So, today, you’ll learn 10 unique ways to say Hello in Korean. I would love to travel to South Korea and get to know their culture. Should celebrities and athletes receive preferential treatment compared to the general public? 2. Hi if your a FOREIGN FEMALE idol, can you still enlist for the military? Thanks for the information, they were quite useful. Korea feels a bit like an ‘inside group’. 무엇이 문제입니까? But they will still know all the gossip and pop culture, just might not admit it. I love Koeran right from my childhood.IF GOD GIVEN a chance to new birth I would like become korean. For example, some violinists, pianists, and ballet performers can get exemptions from duty. I feel like the whole country of Korea is like that. The malls and nice restaurants will be super good service but the mom and pop shops might not even want to try and talk to you if you can’t speak Korean. And if you’re not learning… leave! These individuals will instead complete the 4 weeks of basic military training, then they can continue their careers so long as they do so for 42 months. People want to find ways of having common ground with others that isn’t based on merit but on uncontrollable things like age. This is the first phrase you should KNOW if you’re learning Korean. If you just ask around in Seoul in any crowded area or on the subway you should find at least a few English speakers. Some are outraged that athletes will get an exemption but actors and singers won’t, while others are pushing towards abandoning the idea of exemption altogether. Going back to basics, there are a few words in any language that hold more importance than others. This is the most common word for ‘what the heck’. The debate of mandatory military service will also likely continue for the foreseeable future. That’s good. Thank you! However, as issues continued with celebrities even in this branch, as well as outrage from the general population who did not agree with celebrities getting preferential treatment, this branch has since been dissolved. If paying in cash, ask about a cash price – using a credit card will add a percentage to the final price, since most vendors will pass the transaction fee onto you.