“Pepe” Madrazo141. Jay Furney111. Chuck is the only bowhunter to complete five Grand Slams on Prince Abdorreza(D)28. along with his other bowhunting aids and hunting, His long involvement Mark’s goal is to become the first person to do the slam three times, once each with a Bow, Muzzleloader and Rifle. With only a candle for heat, he’d listen to hunting tales from around the world and dreamed that someday he would create stories of his own. Larry Epping (D)24. Start saving on all things hunting today with a GotHunts PRO Membership. The archery Super Slam (all 29 species of North American Game Animals) has only been accomplished by a few bowhunters. Rick Warren160. Bill Keller (D)14. Mark completed the World Turkey Slam in a single season, tagging all 6 species across the US and Mexico. Ben Seegmiller129. The time and effort required to reach this milestone is incredible, and for most it represents a lifetime commitment to their pursuit of big game animals. These are: bears, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison/muskox, goat, antelope and sheep. Greg Oliver97. Mark Farnam163. Ken Vorisek(Archery #18)89. A total of 22 states are visited if the three trails are completed. Rex Baker42. He spends about two-thirds of the year out in the field. James Hascup79. For the past two decades, Mark’s hunts have continued in Michigan but also expanded to other areas around the world. Al Maki123. In the early 1970s, Grand Slam Club founder Bob Housholder began keeping track of those who had taken all of the trophy types recognized at the time by the Boone and Crockett Club. His dedication to the outdoors allows him to also be an outfitter and TV host. And soon, you’ll see 3 generations of Petersons out there, hunting and enjoying the outdoors together. He has also bagged 111 Pope & Young record-book trophies and 181 Safari Club International records, more than anyone else in history. The Journey Within – A Bird Hunter’s Diary is Mark Peterson’s quest to hunt and harvest the 27 different species of upland birds. Warren Parker22. Doug Yajko52. Chase Fulcher(Archery #25-A)133-B. Tom Miranda(Archery #17)87. Tony Gioffre66. Nathan Andersohn(Archery #30)148. Dismiss. Robert E. Mays, Jr.169. Non-calendar year Super Slam. helping bowhunters with his unique turkey and elk calls, Alan Sackman65. James Brogan105. Tom Place44. Gary Bogner(Archery #5)41. Nyle Swast70. Danny Danell106. News Jelindo Tiberti II, Grand Slam Daryll Hosker73. The time and effort required to reach this milestone is incredible, and for most it represents a lifetime commitment to their pursuit of big game animals. To bowhunting aficionados, the words “Chuck Adams” and “Super Slam” go together like — well, like “bow” and “arrow.” In 1990, Adams became the first hunter ever to attain the Super Slam by killing all 28 North American big-game species exclusively with archery tackle. H.I.H. Dave Turchanski127. William “Bill” Bricker91. He is best know for his elk hunting and calling, ... more: Larry D. Jones Chuck Brewer(Archery #23)121. 1. For a big game hunter, there is no greater achievement than completing the Super Slam of North American Big Game®—To do this the hunter must have registered the legal taking of all 29 of the traditionally recognized species of big game animals native to North America. No player has ever completed the Super Slam in a single season. Jones62. McElroy (D)5. Thomas L. Zimmerman117.