"We need a very specific lead, because those leads come in from all over the world. The Dupont de Ligonnès murders and disappearance involved the murder of five members of the same family in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France, followed by the disappearance of the patriarch of the family, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. But since the murders, DuPont De Ligonnès seems to be everywhere, like a chilling Where's Waldo. Unsolved Mysteries boss says Xavier Dupont has been “spotted” in Chicago. Meurer alluded to this when she added: "If he's alive. It is generally accepted that Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès most likely killed his wife and children. Once again, there's just one problem: Xavier's body has never been discovered. Somebody was actually in Chicago, I think they were on Lake Shore Drive, and they heard this guy talking French and they looked at him and they had just seen the episode. In "House of Terror," we learned that the French count has systematically murdered his wife, his four children, and their two dogs, only to disappear without a trace. The lack of any evidence of anyone else breaking into the house and the amount of care taken in these killings and burials point to the murderer being Xavier — especially when it was revealed that Xavier, who was born the son of a count, had squandered the family fortune. These theories about Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès and where he might have gone explain why cases like this are so hard to solve. But some believe he did not then flee the country to live guilt- and family-free. It was striking. The problem with this theory is twofold, though: This is based on sightings, and a letter the rest of the DuPont De Ligonnès family got after the murders. With Netflix's global reach, if Xavier is going to be found, we're really hoping that the Netflix audience will find him. An international manhunt is under way for a handsome, aristocratic Frenchman police believe may have shot and killed his wife, their four children, and two dogs, burying them all in the garden of their home in Nantes, France. So we sent that tip on.". Instead, they think he completed suicide after killing his family. The Netflix show's executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer was asked about the tips she had received in each of the six Unsolved Mysteries cases by Variety. If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Instead, the idea is that whoever did them in killed Xavier as well. Everything about the case points to Xavier being the only other person in the house. The exact nature of the events have neve… So we're hoping he's catchable if he's alive, because of Netflix reach, global reach, or national reach.". The family claims Xavier's letter says he went to Australia. And yet, he still has not been found. Since the bodies were found two weeks ago, we have learned more about Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, whose handsome if bland features look out from every news stand. True crime fans could be close to a breakthrough on the subject of Episode 3, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. However, Meurer, who also co-created the original Unsolved Mysteries series, warned true crime fans from jumping to conclusions, as so many of them already have in the case of Rob Endres. In the Xavier case, what we're hoping for is that he's remarried or he has a girlfriend or he lives next door to somebody or he has a coworker who absolutely 100% knows that's him. A viewer has sent in a photo of a man in Chicago who spoke with a French accent and looks like Xavier. In 2020, the case was the subject of an episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. theories about Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès. But when the man was followed and captured by Scottish police, he turned out not to be Xavier. Xavier looks so much like so many other people. Call 1-800-273-8255. The case of the Dupont de Ligonnès family murders and disappearance of the father, Xavier, remains one of France's most shocking and disturbing crimes. The police even had a suspect: The father, an aristocrat named Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès. Viewers with any information are asked to leave a tip on the Unsolved Mysteries website at unsolved.com. The case is a horror show. That being said, Xavier's disappearance has meant this case has never been closed. A French aristocrat is on the lam after his wife, four children and two Labradors were found killed and buried in the family’s garden. Warning: Spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 follow. Xavier disappeared at the same time and has not been found. After the grisly discovery, investigators began searching for Dupont de Ligonnes who had gone missing, homing in on the French Riviera and Provence, after tracing purchases with his bank card at two area hotels, according to a source close to the police investigation.