Its really good but also incredibly hot! What are you asking? However, the Last Dab is tastier. Look ,we know this isn’t a shining review. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My teenager and I have been doing different hot sauce/food challenges during the pandemic.

Reply. Great job you guys! I would never try it alone as the package label says not too. The simple fact is that Da Bomb Beyond Insanity comes in at 135,600 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. Glad you finally found us. habaneros dont get that kind of heat normally. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is the single most infamous hot sauce on the show, despite being No. Just like every Hot Ones show, each wing comes fully sauced, and Colbert dives in headfirst. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tl;Dr - great TV, great reaction, tastes like grandma's ash tray. They're using an amount equal to a sauce but it's an extract.

Excellent mixture of flavours! Idk, man. Your focus is soft. This is good because you’re probably not going to want much of this stuff. goatsammich said... and it tastes like garbage. How would you say it compares to Dave's Insanity? This stuff hits harder than almost anything we’ve tried, with a lasting burn. Mad Dog is not a pushover hot sauce - it has a good taste to start and follows up with some brutal heat. Honestly, Hot Ones wouldn’t be as great of a show without Da Bomb. goatsammich said... Yep. Huddy takes it better than me though. Da Bomb is an extract hot sauce, it says it right on the label. But you should know, “Da’ Bomb is actually more of an additive than a hot sauce, which is why it’s so explosive,” the Star reported. 53 other people are subscribed to back-in-stock and price-drop alert for this product. !Dang dude, where have you been? Cookies help us deliver our Services. The flavor is slightly smoky with a smooth consistency that's neither too watery or too thick and pasty. Haha yes I made a mistake. Fiery Fool is hot as a muhfucka. i love to eat habanero peppres. That is kind of the point of this sauce – to get a reaction. That's the hot sauce that everyone hates on Hot Ones. Extracts burn like hell, and Da Bomb is more painful than either Fiery Fool or The Last Dab, but Fiery Fool doesn't make shit any better. I had never seen your and Huddy's Youtube channel before. Weird, I have been putting about 10 drops per dish in and I don't find it that hot as compared to ultra death. Da Bomb definitely runs on thicker side. We've had so many laughs and bonded in a really cool way doing it. It's not quite as bad as people say but the point is that it gets a reaction. If you watch Hot Ones yo... Nope, but I feel like we gotta try it at this point. no flavor, disgusting smell, shock factor only. Dont stop but it accentuates the lack of HD and good focus.

The general rule of thumb I go with is that if it has pepper extract (or OC), it’s going to be hot and it will be bitter/acrid and is best used either in a large pot of chili or just as a gag/dick measuring/heat tolerance test. i have never heard of da bomb. Enough time for the show to reap the rewards. Tip: Don’t eat a lot of this hot sauce. I'd much rather eat a raw habanero or ghost pepper (250k / 1mill) than have a teaspoon of da bomb. This post was edited by BiasedOpin 1 year ago. Think it's closer to usage. Marketing gimmick? Cheers! We’ve seen prices for Da Bomb hot sauce range from $10-18 on different sites, so do your research and get the best price. They are rarely consistent. Most foods that say “refrigerate after opening” do so in order to prevent the food from spoiling. I love that you threw that DHR comment up for a partial second. goatsammich said... and it tastes like garbage. It basically talks about how there are multiple different ways in which SHU are measured in terms of dry or liquid so you don’t have a ton of consistency between sauces.