As a typography teacher at Schule für Gestaltung Basel Weingartshaped several generations of designers from 1968 onwards. In addition to original material the exhibition presents a film portrait of Weingart and filmed discussions about his teaching activity in Basel. JS1 is a modular display type system available in 5 weights (1, ... A Mister / Modularlab / Mayfield Production. Can the ... Meret Pro is a straightforward typeface for newspapers and so much more. The entire graphic range of individual projects is also shown. Weingart's liberation of typography was an important foundation for several new styles, from Memphis and Retro, to the advances now being made in computer graphics around the globe. The Museum für Gestaltung presents the first comprehensive exhibitionin Switzerland of this designer’s work and teaching. Five thematic areas present basic exercises such as how to design a book cover with the help of typographical elements and how to alter the expressiveness of the text by combining these elements in different ways, as well as studies on the legibility of typefaces. The Type System Explore our world-leading Post Modern collection. Blanco is a serif typeface with four weights and ... IKANSEEYOUALL typeface Lars Müller Publishers, CHF 50,, Can be ordered from the start of the exhibition at:, Further information on the museum and the educational program can be found at:, Opening hours   4, 1974: Weingart’s designs will never cease to astound me. Many criticized it for being cold, formal and dogmatic. From this time onwards he mounted halftone films to form collages and then had these printed in offset. Typography poster - Wolfgang Weingart. Privacy is important to us. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. Wolfgang Weingart is regarded as the “enfant terrible” of modern Swiss typography. After this he trained as a typesetter and discovered Swiss typography. Oct 22, 2016 - Designer and instructor Wolfgang Weingart is recognized with a 2013 AIGA Medal for his typographic explorations and teaching at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel, and who, through the work of his students, created a more experimental and expressive approach to typography that was influential around the world. after this he trained as a typesetter and discovered swiss typography. In the meantime this material has been electronically recorded and systematically analyzed as part of a research project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Less revolutionary in spirit than Weingart, they chose to bend rules rather than break them. after this he trained as a typesetter and discovered swiss typography. The Visual History of Type is a definitive survey of the major typefaces produced ... DR-Foundry 955 Likes, 3 Comments - Letterform Archive (@letterformarchive) on Instagram: “Wolfgang Weingart, A Favorite Work From the Time I Was Still Learning, Basel, 1971”. More intuitive and playful than their predecessors, they developed unique typographic and spatial solutions which enriched the vocabulary of the International Typographic Style. New Wave Wave Design Design Art Wolfgang Weingart International Typographic Style Schrift Design Deconstructivism Swiss Design Design Movements. A place to make things and meet people. He liberated letters from the corset of theright angle, spaced, underlined or reshaped them and reorganised typesetting. A young teacher in Basel named Wolfgang Weingart pushed beyond its boundaries and ushered in today's predominant graphic style loosely known as Post-Modern design. since the 1970s wolfgang weingart has exerted a decisive influence on the international development of typography. In the late 1960s he instilled creativity and a desire for experimentation into the ossified Swiss typographical industry and reflected t. Вольфганг Вайнгард является родоначальником культурного явления, которому чуть позже были даны названия "Швейцарский панк" и «Новая волна». Aug 29, 2016 - Typographic Process 4 - Typographic Signs by Wolfgang Weingart - 1970s The name ‘Hey’, is not only a moniker for the company, but an ethos ... London-based freelance designer, writer and publisher Richard Baird launches the second issue of LogoArchive, ... New Release: Blanco by Foster Type Other leading designers working in the Post-Modern idiom are Ralph Schraivogel of Zurich, whose ingenious work reveals a richness of texture and image evocative of Weingart, and Werner Jeker of Lausanne, who combines German-style illustration with tight Swiss graphics. DR-Foundry is Sheffield based Daniel Reed’s latest venture into typeface production and sales. Find his book online at, wolfgang weingart new wave - Google Search, wolfgang weingart, who was born in 1941 in salemertal in southern germany, attended the merz akademie in stuttgart from 1958 to 1960, where he familiarised himself with typesetting and the process of making linocuts and woodcuts.